All’Antico Vinaio: Florence’s Most Famous Sandwich Shop

With lines circling the block from people all over the world, this sandwich shop is definitely a crowd pleaser.

All’Antico Vinaio
FACEBOOK All’Antico Vinaio

With sandwiches the size of your head, All’Antico Vinaio has been popular for quite awhile. For starters, a sandwich is about 5 euros and is made fresh to order. The shop has been around since 1989 and consists of three separate storefronts all on the same street, which account for the hundreds of hungry customers they serve each day.

The doors of the shop first opened in 1989 by the Mazzanti family but gained most of its popularity in the early 2000s. Fun fact: it was named the most reviewed place in the world on TripAdvisor in 2014. No wonder why this place is always packed.

All’Antico Vinaio
FACEBOOK All’Antico Vinaio

All sandwiches are served on Schiacciata bread, a traditional Tuscan flatbread that is crispy and insanely delicious. The shop serves special sandwiches such as the Dante, a crowd favorite. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous you can whip up your own creation by choosing from the large assortment of local meats, creamy cheeses and fresh veggies. You can also choose to cut your sandwich in half to share with a friend!

Often, customers will sit on the curbside to enjoy their lunch or on the steps of Chiesa di San Fillippo Neri, located just around the corner. All’Antico Vinaio also sells glasses of red wine that pair perfectly with your curbside lunch. Typically they serve a red Chianti wine but, don’t be surprised if they switch it up!

The shop which originated in Florence is slowly branching out to other cities and has a permanent establishment in Milan. There have also been pop up shops in both New York and Los Angeles that have gathered lines around the corner.

So, the next time you’re near this sandwich shop, get it line. It will most definitely be worth the wait.

Katherine McGowan

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Katherine is a New Jersey native who is passionate about understanding culture through its history and food. You can most likely find her enjoying an Aperol Spritz with a local or getting lost on a windy cobblestone road. Some of her other favorite cities are NYC, Amsterdam, London and Rome.

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