5 Movies To Get You Excited For An Italian Vacation

If you’re just looking for a little extra inspiration to finally book those flights.

roman holiday

Italy is one of the world’s most fascinating, romantic, and historically rich destinations, so it’s no surprise that it serves as an ideal movie backdrop. No matter how many photos you flip through, nothing will give you the sense of Italy’s unique beauty quite like a film. So, whether you already have an Italian vacation marked in your calendar, or you’re just looking for a little extra inspiration to finally book those flights, here are my picks for movies you must watch. Set in various parts of the country, these films will get you even more excited for your visit than you already are, and (bonus!) they’re the perfect way to pass the time on the flight! And if a trip to Italy isn’t in your near future, these films will make you feel like you’re there—but I know Italy will be at the top of your travel wish list by the time closing credits start rolling!

1. Roman Holiday

roman holiday

This 1953 classic film with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck is the quintessential Italian love story. With gorgeous black and white views of the city and Audrey’s charm, this movie captures the timeless beauty and inherent romance of Rome.

2. Under the Tuscan Sun

under the tuscan sun

This feel-good film from 2003 follows an American divorcee as she attempts to renovate a Tuscan villa. Set in the small Tuscan town of Cortona, this movie will show you the more natural, less touristy side of Italy—and perhaps inspire you to buy a villa of your own while you’re there! (Hey, we can dream, can’t we?)

3. The Italian Job

movies, the italian job

If you’re into action-packed films, this one’s for you. This 2003 American remake of the 1969 British film of the same name is about a heist that begins in Venice, and you’ll be amazed by the views of this famous Italian city. The footage of the boat chase through the Venetian canals is reason enough to watch this movie.

4. Letters to Juliet

letters to juliet, movies

This 2010 film will make you feel all warm and fuzzy as you watch the story unfold, which is based on the modern practice of writing “letters to Juliet” and leaving them on the walls of the character’s Verona courtyard. While following the sweet plot, you’ll see why Shakespeare chose the enchanting city of Verona as the setting for his epic love story.

5. The Lizzie McGuire Movie


This fun 2003 film shows a vibrant, silly side of Rome, and features all the adventure, singing, and romance you expect from Disney. Teenage wackiness aside, this movie includes stunning shots of the ancient city, from its iconic landmarks to its busy side streets. And let’s be honest, “What Dreams Are Made Of” is a catchy tune!

Just writing about these films makes me want to hop on a plane to Italy right now! Arrivederci!


Jordyn Asakowicz

Editorial Intern

Jordyn is a college student from California. She is an aspiring writer who fell in love with Italy while living there for a few months. She loves shopping and trying local foods in a new city.

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