Fiesole: The Slow Italian Life

Fiesole is one of the stereotypical visions of Italy, but one that still amazes those who experience it.

Fiesole ITALY

Fiesole is the country town on a hill that has a small square, but surprises visitors with sweeping views of Florence, an ancient amphitheater, and ruins. Going there means a day trip away from Florence; it’s perfect for artists, writers, and anyone with an interest in self-reflection or the more quiet, natural beauty that is absent from larger Italian cities.

When arriving either by bus or car, the small piazza is friendly and seems like something out of a movie. A restaurant sits with an ideal view of Florence, framed by trees. The amphitheater still puts on operas and jazz shows, making summers there impossibly romantic. It is also a good place to sit and read outdoors when not in use. Walking down to the ruins, I realized that there was a stillness there that was missing in the city. The ruins surround the amphitheater and are unexpectedly graced with more modern sculptures. They show the Italian appreciation of the country’s history while also incorporating modernity.


Whether one is with friends or alone, Fiesole has the potential for many different types of activities. Picnicking, exploring, or sitting and pondering are all perfect things to do in Fiesole. And going multiple times never gets old, either.

Get There:

The number seven bus leaves from Florence’s Piazza San Marco, as well as from the Santa Maria Novella train station. Tickets can be bought when boarding the bus, and the ride is about twenty-five minutes.

Article written by AJ Kiyoizumi.


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