Your Essential Guide To Capri Town

Visit Piazza Umberto I, dine at Ristorante Pulalli and stay at Hotel Villa San Felice to guarantee a memorable trip to Capri town.

Marina Piccola capri
Marina Piccola. Photo by Martyna Bober on Unsplash

Capri town, a municipality located in the center and east of the island of Capri, features several attractions, restaurants and hotels for those wishing to visit the Mediterranean destination. Each offers a unique experience and will enhance your trip to the Italian isle. Here is a guide to the must-visit spots in Capri town:


Via Krupp
Via Krupp. Photo by Gary Along on Unsplash

Located in the southern part of the island, Giardini di Augusto, or Gardens of Augustus, rise in a series of flowered terraces to an observation point overlooking the Faraglioni and Tyrrhenian Sea. Before it was closed due to the danger of falling rocks, one would have been able to take Via Krupp, a hairpin turn footpath commissioned by the German industrialist Friedrich Alfred Krupp, down to Marina Piccola. Although it is inoperative, the path still adds to the historical beauty of the gardens.

Situated 500 meters away from Giardini di Augusto is Piazza Umberto I. Although it used to function mainly as a market where fish and vegetables were sold, it is now a square where one can shop designer brands and eat and drink at cafes and bars. It is also home to an iconic clock tower and baroque-style Santo Stefano church, along with stunning views of the Gulf of Naples. There is no shortage of picturesque spots in this plaza, making it a must-visit location in the town of Capri.


Ristorante da Tonino
Ristorante da Tonino. Facebook: Da Tonino Capri

Established in 1993, Ristorante da Tonino has been serving unique dishes for decades. Its menu, which includes rabbit and quail, along with homemade pasta and vegetarian options, is sure to have something for every patron. The restaurant is also home to one of the largest wineries in Capri, as it has more than 2,200 labels, featuring rare vintages and also bottles from small businesses. The restaurant is also featured in the Michelin Guide.

Located in Piazza Umberto I, Ristorante Pulalli offers a dining experience characterized by local cuisine and memorable views. Its menu includes dishes with Mediterranean influences, along with vegan options. Depending on where one sits, they can enjoy the sights of the plaza or the Mediterranean waters.


Hotel Villa Brunella capri
Hotel Villa Brunella. Facebook: Villa Brunella

An 11-minute walk from Piazza Umberto I, Hotel Villa Brunella is situated in a less busy part of Capri town. The establishment’s amenities include a panoramic pool and massages, along with Terrazza Brunella, a restaurant offering views of Capri town’s twinkling nighttime lights. Additionally, Hotel Villa Brunella’s terraces provide views of Marina Piccola and Monte Solaro, allowing for opportunities to take in the island’s natural beauty while sipping a glass of wine in the comfort of your own room.

Located 350 meters from Giardini di Augusto is Hotel Villa San Felice. With its pool and lemon tree-spotted garden, the hotel’s tranquil setting allows guests to take a break from the town’s crowds and noise. Hotel Villa San Felice also features a wellness center, providing body and face treatments, physiotherapy and the assistance of a personal trainer who can work out with guests in their room or beside the pool.

Since there are countless memorable spots on the island, planning a trip to Capri town can be an easy experience. By checking out these places, though, an unforgettable outing is guaranteed.

Ray visited Capri in 2019.

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