How To Experience The Best Private Boat Tour In Capri

It’s one of the most popular things to do!

Capri, Italy
Basking in the Capri sun. Photo: Storrey Lance

Located in a part of the Mediterranean called the Tyrrhenian Sea is the island of Capri. This incredible gem can be found off the south-western coast of Italy. The small island is known for amazing views and high-end shopping. Another one of the most popular things to do while vacationing in Capri is to take a boat tour around the island. I didn’t know what to expect until I spent a few hours boating around with four of my best friends and a guide.

Capri, Italy
Observing the island from the water. Photo: Storrey Lance

Unfortunately, I can’t say I’ve been on every boat tour around the island. There are dozens of different companies that offer private boat tours and I’ve done sufficient research so that you don’t have to. I viewed 15-20 websites trying to find the tour that provided the most bang for your buck. The one that I decided on booking for me and my friends was Ciro Capri Boats and I could not be happier that I did.

I booked the tour online the week before the trip and we paid in cash the day of. It was €430 for three hours. The maximum number of people allowed on the boat tour is six. That’s approximately €71 per person for a three-hour private boat tour. They offer tours of durations ranging from two hours to full-day trips as well as sunset tours. They have a variety of boats which you can view on their website.

Capri, Italy
Exploring a famous grotto. Photo: Storrey Lance

On the day of our tour, we took a ferry from the Amalfi Coast to the main port of Capri, Marina Grande. We were brought to a Tornado 38 speedboat and introduced to our guide, Carmino. Regardless of the fact that Carmino barely spoke any English and we barely spoke any Italian, he was incredibly welcoming and enthusiastic about sharing his home with us. From my experience I can say that Ciro Capri Boats employs passionate locals who genuinely want to provide travelers with an incredible Italian adventure.

Capri, Italy
Diving into the refreshing waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Photo: Storrey Lance

Carmino didn’t take us to the busy, tourist traps but instead showed us incredible rock formations and secluded swimming spots. He took group pictures for us and danced along to the music we played. At one swimming spot we told him to jump in with us and he promptly did so. He had a cooler of refreshments onboard for us to enjoy and beach towels for us to use after swimming. Carmino made the tour spectacular and I wish I’d booked a full day tour so that we could’ve spent more time on that boat.

Capri, Italy
The most unforgettable moment. Photo: Storrey Lance

It was three hours of pure luxury and relaxation. Laying on the bow of a boat sipping on a cold Coca Cola and basking in the Capri sun was definitely the highlight of the time I spent in Italy. Viewing the Italian coastline on land is one thing but viewing it by sea is an entirely different experience. All worries slipped away on this oasis in the middle of the Mediterranean and Ciro Capri Boats made it all possible.

As they say on their website: “No visit to Capri is complete without a tour of the island by sea.” I would go even further to argue that no visit to Italy is complete without a boat tour around Capri. Enjoying the vibrantly blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea on a small boat is an unparalleled experience that I will remember for a lifetime and will recommend to anyone who will listen. I will definitely be visiting Capri again soon and I suggest that you do as well.

Storrey spent three hours touring Capri by boat and the rest of the day exploring the island.

Storrey Lance


Storrey's passion for travel has never stopped, including studying abroad in Italy. She's a foodie, vegetarian & loves to bake pies.

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