A Breakdown Of The Most Popular Towns In The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is dotted with distinct towns hugging the mountains all along the winding coast.

Because it can be a pain to get from one place to another (due to the fact that the entire coast is only accessible by a two-lane road with constant traffic), it’s important to know which specific towns you wish to visit when planning your trip. Here are the most popular towns that you should know about in the Amalfi Coast to help you plan your dreamy Amalfi getaway!


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Positano is the “IT” place to be and everyone’s top bucket list destination in the Amalfi Coast. It’s the place to see and be seen, as even celebrities can’t help but be seduced by Positano’s beauty and charm. It’s one of the bigger towns along the Amalfi Coast. Colorful, rustic buildings sprawl higher upwards on multiple sides of the mountains. There’s no shortage of luxury hotels, trendy restaurants and views to serve as stunning backdrops for Instagram posts.

As the most popular destination on the Amalfi Coast, it also has the most traffic and tourists. It’s usually crowded throughout the entire summer season and it’s a pain to find parking or drive into Positano in general. Unless you’re dying to see and be seen or check Positano off your list, you might be better off staying at a smaller, less crowded area during your trip.


Amalfi is the second most well-known town on the coast with its namesake. The views of Amalfi next to sparkling turquoise waters are straight out of a storybook. Amalfi also has a large share of luxury hotels and fabulous dining destinations, especially along the freeway overlooking the water. Amalfi also has some famous landmarks to see like its own towering Duomo (cathedral) and Piazza. The road passing through Amalfi is an iconic sight where plenty of people love eating gelato as they stroll down to the beach.

Amalfi is a great option if you’re looking for iconic views with a little more convenience than Positano. The wide road leading into the town makes it a bit easier to access Amalfi by car. Plus, it’s closer to other smaller villages along the coast so it’s easier to jump around. Especially with the main bus stop being located in Amalfi, you can easily take the bus to Positano, Ravello or Sorrento.


Atrani is famous for being the smallest town in Italy, but it’s also one of the best options for those who want a beautiful Amalfi Coast experience without as many crowds. Atrani is a narrow sliver of a village which climbs up towards the lush Valle del Dragone. There’s a straight (yet very steep) trail which leads from Ravello all the day down to Atrani. This trekking trail and its location in Valle del Dragone is what makes Atrani one of the most convenient and beautiful places along the Amalfi Coast.

Atrani is a sleepy town compared to its flashy neighbors. The town’s main piazza is tiny, with only a handful of restaurants and barely any shops catering to tourists. But the informal restaurants that are there are yummy and affordable. Plus, Atrani’s beach as well as the Spiaggia di Castiglione down the road are some of the most scenic and beautiful beaches on the coast. It also doesn’t hurt that the neighboring town of Amalfi is easily walkable from Atrani. Atrani is the ideal option for those who want the same breathtaking Amalfi Coast views for a more affordable price and less people.


Ravello is akin to the Mount Olympus of the Amalfi Coast. It’s an elegant town perched 365 meters (or nearly 1,200 feet) above the sea, deep in the Valle del Dragone. You must drive up steep winding roads and lush mountainous scenery to get to Ravello. Once at the top, you’ll be awarded with infinite views of the glimmering Tyrrhenian Sea (hence the name of the famous balcony at Villa Cimbrone, the Terrace of Infinity) and the rustic villages tucked between the green folds of the mountain. Ravello boasts a selection of uber-luxurious villas and resorts for the jetset crowd that wants all the views and the privacy.

Taking a car or bus is the best way to get up to Ravello. But there’s also a convenient hiking trail which links Ravello to Atrani through the Valle del Dragone.


amalfi coast sorrento

Sorrento is where the Amalfi Coast winds to an end. But just because it’s not on the main coastline, doesn’t mean that Sorrento isn’t worth visiting. Sorrento has charm and drop-dead gorgeous views to entice you for days. Wherever you look, bright yellow lemons sweeten the mood and remind you that you’re in the most whimsical part of Italy. You can take in sweeping views of the Bay of Naples from various lookout points, like from the terraza at the iconic Hotel Continental. Then you can skip down to the intimate jewel-tone beaches. Sorrento is a great base for exploring beaches. You can easily access beautiful, tucked away beaches like Bagni di Regina Giovanna and Spiggia di Puolo.

Sorrento is a slightly more convenient to get to and around in than the other towns along the coast. There are multiple parking lots which you can easily find once you get into town. Unlike the other towns, Sorrento isn’t an entirely vertical town hugging the mountains, so there’s less climbing when walking around. Sorrento is a must-see which always makes for a gorgeous final stop on your dream Amalfi Coast vacation!

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