Tel Aviv Neighborhoods: A Breakdown MADE For Travelers

From beaches to a former military base, this is a slimmed down list of Tel Aviv neighborhoods.

Tel Aviv neighborhoods

I don’t know about you, but I dream of moving to Israel to start a new life there. Maybe even have my kids grow up in Israel as well. That being said, there are different areas I would consider living in. Here are some Tel Aviv neighborhoods for everyone to consider before heading to Israel – either as a traveler or as a future local.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

Who wouldn’t want to live here? Tel Aviv might be small in size with 20 square miles deep, it’s the most iconic area when you think of the capital of Israel. Stroll on the beach, alongside a skyline of modern buildings. There are a ton of apartment complexes where local residents can easily walk up Dizengoff Street and Ben Yehuda. Living in Tel Aviv can be for anyone and everyone. This neighborhood is young, so the night scene is amazing highlighted by fantastic restaurants.


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Jaffa is so special because it’s the oldest part of Tel Aviv, filled with great restaurants, coffee shops, markets…you know the deal. Since Jaffa is a port, walking around it at night is lovely with a nice breeze. Jaffa can be on the expensive sideat times, but it’s worth the little extra.


Florentin, Tel Aviv

Do you know how I always rave about a cool fun bar or a new trendy restaurant?
Well, Florentin is filled with both of the above. Made for the young, Florentin is filled with hipsters who love to party. Plus, it’s cheaper than Tel Aviv city itself. You’ll discover great markets, especially the famous Levinsky Market is located here. Imagine a farmers market where you’d want to meet up with a friend for a drink.

Neve Tzedek

Neve Tzedek

This is where I always shopped. This area is filled with great stores, small bars, and affordable restaurants. There are a ton of apartments in Neve Tzedek and anyone who lives here is ultra friendly. It seemed that everyone was always happy in this neighborhood. The best part of this all: you’ll taste the BEST ice cream in the world at ANITA. No seriously, this isn’t me being dramatic. Try it.

Ramat Aviv

Ramat Aviv
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Ramat Aviv is only a 15-minute drive to the neighborhood of Tel Aviv. I really grew a love for this area not because I lived here but because the locals who lived here were incredibly friendly and welcoming. All of Israel is but this place was just a little different. There’s a little deli in this area where I would eat lunch everyday, it’s where you can shop for food and acts as a fruit market all in one. The Ramat Aviv mall was my second home while living in this neighborhood. Although I didn’t ever need much it was so nice to walk around and have a little touch of home right near by. This area is known for wealthy families but I know anyone can be comfortable here.


Sarona Tel Aviv
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Ahhh yes, my favorite. Something about the Sarona area just gets to me. Between the outstanding market and the beautiful parks, This area is definitely somewhere to consider living and staying in for a little while. Sarona is filled with kids, families and young people. It has it all. The history behind Sarona makes this district twice as beautiful. It was established 140+ years ago by German Templars – Christians who envisioned a colony similar to Jerusalem and Haifa. The Templars made Sarona into a leisure and commerce hub until they became part of the Nazi Party in the 1930’s. The British, who owned the land, exiled the Templars back to Germany and Austria. Meanwhile, created a military base in Sarona which was often attacked by the Jewish underground groups. After the British gave Sarona to the Jewish leaders in 1947, this area was renamed “Machane Yehoshua” or Joshua’s Camp. After the State of Israel was established in 1948, Sarona headquartered the Israel Defense Forces. In 2006, the government invested a massive restoration project to revamp Sarona, today it houses stylish boutiques, gorgeous restaurants and notable wine bars.

Sydney Dreyfus


Sydney has an out of the box personality and is passionate about finding the best food wherever she is. She is an absolute foodie and will travel many miles for a cup of coffee. She hopes to spend more years in Israel and traveling the rest of the world.

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