5 DELISH Hidden Gem Israeli Restaurants In Tel Aviv

Everything about Israel and its food is magical. You won’t regret a single bite in Tel Aviv.

Not many people travel without knowing anyone, but I am not like all people. In addition to all the touristy restaurants and overpriced drinks, the best places are hidden gems that you randomly come across. I’m the type to eat whatever,  whenever. Especially when it comes to new things. Beware, pita comes with everything and it’s too good to resist. My all-time favorite restaurants in Tel Aviv are:

1. Hummus Yossef – Ramat Avivbest falafel

Brodetsky St 19, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Yosefs tel aviv
FACEBOOK חומוס יוסף רמת אביב

I randomly came upon this place when I was exploring the area of Ramat Aviv. They have the BEST falafel ever. I ordered a pita with falafel and ask them to put everything that comes within it. No regrets at all. It was amazing and the best part about it all – my entire meal was 6 BUCKS! (USD.)

2. Yashkaturkey shawarma

Israel, Dizengoff St 105, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

YASHKA tel aviv

When walking the streets of Tel Aviv, you obviously walk up and down Dizengoff until you memorize the line up of every store on the street. Some people will stop right before another one of my favorite foodie hotspot. It’s a little before Dizengoff center: YASHKA! My order was different every single time, but their turkey shawarma is out of this world. My mouth is watering thinking about this.

3. HaKosembest lafa

Shlomo HaMelekh St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Hakosam Tel Aviv

I know I can exaggerate about how I feel regarding food. But I left Israel mid-March, it’s now almost July and I still dream about this place. It’s the type of restaurant where you pay and then make your food as you go. WARNING: the line may be long but I promise it goes quick and they send down bowls of falafel to eat while you’re waiting. Trust me when I say this: it is worth the wait! The seating is outdoors, so it’s fun with friends! I get the lafa (Israeli flatbread) it’s like a pita but not. With shawarma, fried eggplant, garlic sauce, and of course, the typical tomato pickles cabbage, onion…etc. If you are extra friendly, they’ll slip in extra fried eggplant. Believe me, you’ll want it.

4. Miznonbest pita

King George St 30, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

מזנון Miznon
FACEBOOK מזנון Miznon

This restaurant owner has a bunch of different eateries and every single place is great. Miznon, for some reason, stuck with me and I believe it was the atmosphere which is so fun and entertaining, you really get the Israeli vibe! They are known for their pita. Are you even surprised? I got the steak and egg pita, I didn’t change anything that came with it and it was AMAZING!!!!!! I also ordered sweet potatoes which were perfectly roasted and delicious with cauliflower. They give you a FULL cauliflower and believe me it’s so good you’ll eat the whole thing even if you’re full.

5. Ketonbest matzah ball soup

Dizengoff St 145, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

קיטון ביסטרו יהודי - Keton: Jewish Bistro
FACEBOOK קיטון ביסטרו יהודי – Keton: Jewish Bistro

Last but not least, Keton. Your typical grandmother’s Jewish dinner in a restaurant. You travel to Israel and sometimes – just sometimes – you want Jewish food, not Israeli. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, Keton is the place to go! When I went, my friend and I basically ordered anything and everything. We loved EVERYTHING. The egg salad was unreal, the matzah ball soup was to die for, and if you know me, anything apple dessert-related is my favorite. So I topped off my amazing lunch with an apple crumble. Highly recommend, and the staff is insanely nice.

Sydney Dreyfus


Sydney has an out of the box personality and is passionate about finding the best food wherever she is. She is an absolute foodie and will travel many miles for a cup of coffee. She hopes to spend more years in Israel and traveling the rest of the world.

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