The Dreamiest Beaches In Bali

It’s no secret that Bali has some sexy beaches.

It’s no secret that Bali has some sexy beaches, but how do you know where to go? My suggestion is stay away from the touristy, overrun areas of Kuta and Seminyak and instead go south to Uluwatu or west to Canggu. Here are my personal favorite beaches in Bali that are always a pleasure to see, that still make me cry when I see photos of them.

And seriously, stay away from Kuta—there’s more alcohol than salt water there.

Bingin Beach

dreamiest beaches
Photo: Nadia Cho

Don’t ever leave Bali without seeing Bingin Beach. As soon as you walk down a hell of a staircase, laid out in front of you is the vastest stretch of electric blue ocean. Trust me when I say it’s absolute heaven. Bingin is a famous site for surfing competitions like the Hurley Bingin Open where tons of professional like to hang out. The shore is lined with cute bars and restaurants where you can eat, drink and dance while looking out at the beach. You can even have fresh grilled seafood for dinner on the sand at night at the end of the beach (though you should watch out for high tide!).

To be honest it’s not the best place for swimming because there are lots of rocks and coral covering the bottom. But still a must-see nonetheless!

Padang Padang

dreamiest beaches
Photo: Nadia Cho

Padang Padang is a small slice of heaven in very close to Bingin Beach. It has soft white sand and shiny turquoise water. The best is going surfing and being able to see the view of green cliffs and the shore from the water. This beach is also where the last scene of Eat Pray Love was filmed when Javier Bardem offers to take Julia Roberts away on a boat. Word is there are also beach parties at take place at night.

Being such a small, famous, beautiful beach, Padang Padang gets pretty crowded during the day so be sure to get there bright and early to cop a spot for your towel!

Batu Bolong

dreamiest beaches
Photo: Nadia Cho

Located at the end of the main street in Canggu, Batu Bolong is surf bum heaven. Except it’s actually crawling with newbie surfers because the waves are super gentle and it’s easy to learn surfing for the first time there. Batu Bolong is super laidback with vendors selling everything from drinks, corn with chili butter and coconuts. There’s also Old Man’s, the classic outdoor surfer bar right at the top where surfers and locals love to gather for beers and parties. It’s always poppin’ to be sure to go check it out for some fun times!

Echo Beach

Photo: Nadia Cho

Echo Beach is super dreamy with foamy waves crashing over rocks and cute local surfer boys riding waves and chilling. The best part about Echo Beach are the colorful bean bag chairs that are perfect for lounging on while drinking a Bintang (Bali beer) at sunset. There are tons of bars and food stands all along the beach. At night Echo Beach is where the afterhours Sand Bar opens, where you can dance on the sand next to the waves until the sun comes up.

Thomas Beach

dreamiest beaches
Photo: Nadia Cho

Thomas Beach is kind of a best kept secret of Bali. Like the other beaches in Uluwatu, you have to walk down an enormous set of rocks to get there but oh boy is it worth it. From the moment you see the beach it’s a paradise of bright sand, coral and sky blue water. The natural setting is gorgeous with cliffs, shallow tide pools and coral to explore. The beach is also quiet so it’s perfect for lounging and having that truly relaxing vacay you deserve.

Where’s your favorite beach in Bali? Share with us in the comments.

Nadia Cho

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