This Bali Island Breakdown Is MADE For Travelers

From swanky nightlife to lush nature, you can find the perfect escape.

PHOTO: Nadia Cho

Bali is a big island that has something in store for everyone. From swanky nightlife to lush nature, use this breakdown to find your perfect escape in Bali!

Seminyak – Champagne and Luxury Beach Clubs

PHOTO: Nadia Cho

Seminyak is a trendy haven of the most stylish hotels, bars, restaurants, and beach clubs in Bali. It’s the most popular area for most travelers looking for a swanky and relaxing vacay. All of the cool hotels trending on Instagram such as The Colony, The Legian, and Luna 2Studiotel are concentrated in Seminyak. The hottest clubs like Potatohead and La Favela are packed every night with locals and tourists dolled up and sipping champagne. During the day, travelers can treat themselves to endless shopping, chic restaurants, and luxurious beach lounges.

For the sophisticated luxury traveler, Seminyak is the chic, indulgent getaway that Bali promises to be!

Kuta – Hardcore Party Central

People either love or hate Kuta, there’s really no in-between. If you’re coming to Bali to get smashed and party the hardest you can, Kuta is the place for you.

Kuta is raging with nonstop traffic and action 24/7, because it’s located right off the busy Sunset Road (main highway). The area is packed with bars and clubs flashing neon lights, luring guests with drink specials. The crown jewel of Kuta’s party scene is Sky Garden, a massive 4-story club with multiple venues. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, you should definitely stay away from Kuta by any means.

Canggu – Backpacker and Surf Bum Heaven

PHOTO: Nadia Cho

At the moment, Canggu is heaven for backpackers and young people looking to surf, party, and mingle. It’s definitely the most up-and-coming area in Bali right now with lots of developments for new hotels, bars, restaurants, and clubs.

Canggu is a charming surfer town consisting of just three main streets surrounded by rice fields that lead to the beach. The streets are lined with chill cafes, smoothie shops, beachwear boutiques, homestays, and surf schools. It’s a great place for beginners to learn surfing, as the waves there are quite small and gentle. The best live music is also in Canggu with lots of dope rock, blues, and reggae. Talented local bands play regularly at cool bars like Deus Ex Machina, Pretty Poison and QGarage.

PHOTO: Nadia Cho

It’s a special little town where surf bums, hipsters, artists, and locals surf and chill during the day and party at night. Definitely a nice in-between for those looking for something more affordable than Seminyak but quieter than Kuta.

Ubud – Monkey Forests, Art, Yoga, and Vegan Food

When most people think of Bali, they think of Ubud and its rich, green rice terraces and mountains. Ubud is the most well-known region in Bali because it’s where Julia Roberts met Javier Bardem in Eat Pray Love.

Ubud provides a starkly different landscape as it’s in the center of the island away from the coast. But the endless stretches of lush green forests, rice fields, mountains, and valleys are absolutely magnificent. Travelers love going to Tegalalang Rice Terraces and hiking to Tegenungan Waterfall to enjoy nature. There’s also Monkey Forest, a protected monkey sanctuary and popular attraction for visitors looking to make cute simian friends.

Ubud has no shortage of cultural and touristic attractions. There are luxury hotels located in the mountains with amazing views and dreamy infinity pools hovering in forests. Ubud is also famous for its art scene where exceptional local and international artists exhibit and sell their works. Neka Art Museum and Komaneka Art Gallery are well-known art centers that show amazing artwork by Balinese and Indonesian artists.

Other than that, Ubud is a town teeming with hippie expats with lots of yoga, vegan food, and spiritual healing. Ubud is a destination unique to Bali which can’t be missed for anyone visiting this magical island.

Amed – Untouched nature and good snorkeling

PHOTO: Nadia Cho

If you want to get away from all the main tourist hubs on the island, go north. The north is mostly unexplored territory for many tourists. The nature gets even more pristine and lush the deeper you go.

Amed is particularly welcoming. It’s a small, seaside town with great snorkeling and minimal tourist traps. Just go to any of the small cafes and restaurants by the sea and you can rent snorkeling gear and go diving at very affordable prices.

Uluwatu – Breathtaking Beaches and Professional Surfing

It’s impossible not to fall in love with Uluwatu. The most beautiful beaches in Bali like Padang Padang, Thomas Beach, and Bingin are all located in Uluwatu. The expansive stretches of bright blue ocean and reefs seen from high cliffs will take your breath away. The only setback is you have to walk down from the cliffs to get to every beach, so be prepared to walk up and down steep rocky hills!

Uluwatu is a laidback beach town where real professional surfers live and compete in competitions throughout the year. There’s not too much partying since surf life requires sleeping early and getting up at 5 am to catch waves, but there are still a few local bars like Single Fin which puts on famous ragers every Sunday. Every sunset in Uluwatu is magical, as you watch the sun go down from high cliffs while surfers catch big, glassy waves below.

Nusa Dua – Honeymoon of Your Dreams

Located near the airport close to Uluwatu is the honeymoon zone of Nusa Dua. Here along the beachfront, you’ll find large, famous resorts such as The Westin, Conrad and more with all the romance and luxury you could ever dream of for your honeymoon.

Nusa Dua has shallow, clear water that appears to be an electric shade of light blue. There aren’t many waves, so the beaches are perfect for swimming, lounging, and soaking up the company of your loved one.

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