Ubud, Bali’s Komaneka Resorts Is Beyond A Hotel, It’s A Community Institution

Completely owned, managed and staffed by all locals.

Komaneka at Bisma. PHOTO/NADIA CHO

Komaneka Resorts is a beautiful hotel brand, born in Ubud, that offers guests the most authentic of Balinese art, culture, and hospitality. It prides itself on being a community institution that is owned, managed, and staffed by all locals. By combining native traditions with contemporary luxury, Komaneka Resorts is a gateway for visitors to the heart and soul of Bali.

Komaneka started off as a small art gallery on Monkey Forest Road which featured high end Balinese and Indonesian art. It was a family business run by a local couple, Koman Wahyu Suteja and Mansri Trisniawati, from Ubud. Koman’s father happens to be the owner of Ubud’s world-renowned Neka Art Museum, from which the name Komaneka is derived.

As an influential art institution in Ubud, Komaneka Fine Art Gallery started offering guest rooms as an artist residence. Soon, the residence became extremely popular and the owners decided to make it an official hotel. The gallery is still open at the hotel’s first location, Komaneka Monkey Forest, and showcases local artists all year round. Art has a strong presence throughout Komaneka Resorts, with exquisite works by local artists adorning rooms, hallways, lobbies, and restaurants.

Komaneka Bisma Infinity Pool. PHOTO/NADIA CHO

Komaneka Resorts has since expanded to 4 locations in Ubud and a 5th opening near the sea in Keramas. The different resorts include:

Komaneka Monkey Forest – Cozy and Rustic Charm

The original artist residence turned hotel still retains much of its cozy, artistic atmosphere. The villas feel more like townhouses than hotel rooms and are in close proximity to one another. This gives it more of a community vibe where it’s easy to relax and socialize with other guests. The views of calm rice terraces also give the hotel lots of rustic countryside charm. The art gallery that’s attached to the hotel is also a big plus, as guests can peruse exhibitions and the gift shop whenever they want.

Komaneka Tanggayuda – For honeymooners and romantic getaways

Balinese Breakfast at Bisma. PHOTO/NADIA CHO

Komaneka Tanggayuda is located higher up in the mountains, providing guests absolute quiet and privacy. This location has only villas, each with a private garden, plunge pool, and open-air pavilion. The infinity pool and open-air restaurant overlooking the forest are to die for at Tanggayuda. It’s perfect for honeymooners seeking intimacy and there’s also a 2 bedroom pool villa that’s ideal for families or friend getaways. Being in the mountain, Tanggayuda offers the best views of expansive, never-ending greenery for which Ubud is famous.

Komaneka Bisma – Upscale, contemporary resort near the town center

The best part about Komaneka at Bisma is that it’s close to the town center but still tucked away in a hidden location. It feels like a slightly more contemporary and luxurious destination. Located at the end of upscale Bisma Street, the spacious rooms face beautiful, lush forests and rice terraces. The infinity pool at Bisma is impressive as well, and the uber-luxurious spa offers entire private villas for clients during treatments.

Komaneka Bisma Bedroom. PHOTO/NADIA CHO

Komaneka Rasa Sayang – Urban getaway in the middle of all the action

Komaneka Rasa Sayang is popular with a younger millennial crowd, as it’s located on Monkey Forest Road in the center of all the Ubud action. The design is a bit more modern as well, and it’s the only location housed in a building. The deluxe rooms are stylish with lots of legroom, and there’s a rooftop villa with a tropical garden. The outdoor bar and infinity pool also provide open spaces where guests can mingle and have fun.

Komaneka at Keramas

Finally, Komaneka’s first seaside location at Keramas will open next year on the southeast coast. It’s planned to be a vast resort with all private villas, outdoor bar and restaurant, music hall, art gallery, and of course, infinity pool. The resort has stunning 360 degree views of the Indian Ocean, Nusa Penida, and Mount Agung, and promises to be the ultimate romantic getaway.

Each resort is discreetly hidden and a bit difficult to find, but this guarantees maximum quiet and privacy in every location. Although the aesthetics and feel of each one differ, every resort is defined by contemporary Balinese architecture that’s strong and spacious. Every room feels airy and open, including all bathrooms which are large and comfortable, an essential feature of Komaneka Resorts.

Komaneka Bisma Rice Terrace View. PHOTO/NADIA CHO

Guests staying at any Komaneka Resort have access to all other locations, and there’s a shuttle that travels between resorts, so guests can have breakfast at Rasa Sayang, go swimming at Tanggayuda, have a spa treatment at Bisma, and go to Monkey Forest for afternoon tea. There are in-house restaurants serving exceptional Balinese cuisine in each resort, though the notable fine dining restaurant is located at Komaneka at Bisma. All resorts also have an in-house spa, each with a different design and feel, with Bisma offering the most luxurious experience.

Indonesians are some of the most welcoming, warm people, and this is reflected in the personnel at Komaneka, which consists of all locals. Wherever you go, members smile and greet you by saying “Welcome to your home” and address you by your name. According to the lovely general manager of Komaneka at Bisma, Komang Kariyana:

We offer an experience of feeling at home, so that customers will feel that they are visiting the house of a friend. This is a very strong spirit among our employees. We offer the experience of being at home in Bali…

Komaneka Bisma Prviate Balcony. PHOTO/NADIA CHO

Authentically Balinese in its management, style and personnel, Komaneka Resorts is unquestionably the top choice for those looking to experience the true essence of Bali.

Our objective is to be recognized as ‘Local in spirit and International in quality.’ This is a Balinese-managed company that provides the finest facilities wherever we operate. Our goal is to provide our customers with services of enduring value using superior facilities, and support them with a deeply instilled ethic of warm personal service.


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