Traveling To India? Let These Top 3 Tips Lead The Way!

Whether you are a yoga enthusiast, business traveler, or simply the ultimate seeker of adventure, you should know that traveling to India requires more effort than you might think.

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Are your bags packed, tickets booked, and hotel accommodations already made? Great, because that’s half the battle…but there’s more than just tossing your favorite sunnies and a straw hat in your bag when it comes to traveling to India. Not sure where to start? Don’t fret! This traveler’s guide has got you covered in just three quick tips.

PS: Buckle up because it’s going to be a long ride!

1. First thing’s first: apply for your visa!

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The Indian visa application process can be a tricky one, so you will want to start with this task first. You have to apply online, visit your local visa application office, hand over your US Passport (eek!) and then wait. Click here to see what you might need before your shiny new Indian visa gets added into your Passport.

2. Next up…vaccinations!

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If you are a seasoned traveler, you may already have some of the necessary vaccinations needed for travel to India, but maybe not. It’s recommended that you make an appointment with Passport Health to ensure you receive all of the information and vaccinations you need before your trip. Afraid of shots? Same here, but this item on the checklist is a must. I was forced to conquer my fears, and I am confident you can do it too.

3. And finally…let’s not forget about the little things.

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Your phone won’t be Instagram-ready without its charger, but that’s an obvious item on anyone’s travel checklist. The difference this time? You’re going to need a power adapter. Next, consider the climate when you’re traveling to India. Is it monsoon season? Will it be insanely buggy outside? Are the temperatures upwards of 115 degrees Fahrenheit (no exaggeration)? These are all important questions to ask yourself before you peace out of town. Do a little research and pack accordingly. Lastly, be open and excited for an amazing experience and document it along the way. Bring a travel journal, or keep family and friends informed with a travel-inspired Tumblr For most of us, it’s not everyday that we are heading half way across the world, so you will want to be sure you keep track of all of your experiences and can easily share them with your friends and family.

The hope is that after reading this, you feel more confident and ready to embark on your journey to India. Safe travels and enjoy your trip!

Bree Formenti

Bree is in love with Panama. Her travel style is all about keeping things fun, adventurous and she loves trying local foods. She's never without her oversized sunnies and monogrammed carry-all tote - perfect for easy access to her camera.

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