7 Indian Musicians To Add To Your Playlist

Indian musicians create music in tons of different genres and styles.

Not only do they bring Indian culture to their lyrics and music videos, but these artists are also some of the most creative I’ve ever come across. Here are seven incredibly talented Indian musicians you need to add to your playlist!

1. Abhi the Nomad

Abhi the Nomad
INSTAGRAM @abhithenomad

Abhi the Nomad has been experimenting with music since he was just 12 years old, starting on SoundCloud and then moving to more mainstream platforms. His music could best be described as Hip Hop/Rap. His name alone gives us listeners a piece of his story. Born in India, Abhi the Nomad lived between India and China for much of his childhood and eventually ended up in California! He has three albums, “Modern Trash”, “Marbled”, and “Where Are My Friends”, with a fourth on the way. His next album release, “Abhi Vs. The Universe” is dropping soon, with two singles off the album released earlier this year.

2. Meera Desai

Meera Desai
INSTAGRAM @meerasmelodies

Meera Desai, singer and songwriter from New York and now Ahmedabad, India, is like no other! Her sweet alternative style will have you feeling nostalgic for a life you’ve never lived. Her songs are more like poetry than music itself. Desai’s 2019 EP, “I’ve Never Been Happier to Be Lost” is full of melancholic jams, my personal favorite being ‘Salt.’

3. Raveena

INSTAGRAM @raveena_aurora

Raveena’s music is a dream. You’ll feel like you’re escaping into another universe once you hear her sing. Raveena’s aesthetic also falls in line with her music, with her clothes inspired by 90’s trends and her music videos looking like they were filmed on an old camera. Her videos feel like a glimpse into her life, with themes of love, sex, and spirituality. Her latest release is titled “Moonstone EP” and released in February 2020. You don’t want to miss out on this experimental pop EP!

4. Parekh & Singh

Parekh & Singh
INSTAGRAM @parekhandsingh

These Indian musicians has a unique style and folky songs that you won’t be able to resist. Parekh & Singh originated in Kolkata, India in 2011 and has been making beautiful music ever since. You can hear the emotion through their lyrics and instrumental tracks alike. You can always find them wearing bright colored suits as well!

5. Prateek Kuhad

Prateek Kuhad
INSTAGRAM @prrateekkuhad

Get ready to cry with Prateek Kuhad’s music! His indie-folk sound is intertwined with sweet ballads and slow songs. Kuhad grew up in India and eventually came to the United States for college at NYU. His most recent release, a single titled ‘Kusoor,’ has fans on the edge of their seat for more! His 2017 album, “In Tokens & Charms,” put him on the national stage, and Kuhad was even featured on Obama’s Playlist.

6. Rika

INSTAGRAM @rikaofficial 

Chandrika Darbari, otherwise known as Rika, is an artist to watch! Her upbeat pop songs make you want to dance immediately. Her pop hits echo themes of female empowerment and knowing your worth. Her latest EP, DOSES, just released this May!

7. Krish

INSTAGRAM @krish0723

Last but not least is the upcoming artist Krish! If you like Alexander23 or Jeremy Zucker, Krish will be perfect for you! His music is what you’d play on a late-night drive with your friends! His newest single ‘Run & Hide’ uniquely balances indie and pop.

Shrusti Goswami

Editor / Social Media Associate

Shrusti is a passionate writer and poet. You can often find her drinking a cup of coffee and finding new places to go with her friends and family. After college, it’s her dream to keep traveling the world and bring diverse stories to the big screen.

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