The Wonders Of Christmas Markets In Budapest

Street posts, trees and store windows are decorated with Christmas decorations that spark bright and give Budapest a special charm.

Christmas Budapest market
Photos: Elizabeth Bezverkha

“Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more…” ― Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

In the evening, the Christmas lights light up and the city becomes busier than ever. Street posts, trees and store windows are embellished with holiday decorations that spark bright and give the city a special charm. Everyone strolls around the streets carrying in one hand a cup of holiday special Starbucks latte and in the other, a gingerbread cookie.

Even more festive and inspiring are the Christmas markets; in fact there are many of them spread out throughout the city. One of my favorite markets is located in the heart of the city, near the St. Stephen Basilica, one of the tallest buildings on the Pest side.

Christmas Budapest ginger bread house
Photos: Elizabeth Bezverkha

Apart from this, the location of the Basilica Christmas Fair is very close to the oldest and most popular Christmas Market on Vorosmarty Square, so without any hassle you can visit two of the biggest Christmas fairs of Budapest in one go.

What I loved most about the bazaar is the delicious smells you experience when walking through different stalls. You simply can’t ignore the roasted hazelnuts, and once you inhale the aroma, the craving is absolutely unbearable. Apart from that, the delicious food is accompanied by live, light music.

Christmas Budapest pastries
Photos: Elizabeth Bezverkha


Christmas Budapest candies
Photos: Elizabeth Bezverkha

5 Things You Must Do Before Leaving:

  1. Sample special Hungarian treats, including: goulash (traditional meat stew), cipo and kuglóf.
  2. Enjoy a hot drink; whether it’s mulled wines or apple cider, it will definitely warm you up.
  3. Buy a gift for someone you love, whether it’s a handmade Christmas card or toy or mug. They’ll feel very, very special.
  4. Listen to live music.
  5. Ice skate on the rink in the center of the market.
Christmas Budapest shop
Photos: Elizabeth Bezverkha


Every year, well at least second year in a row, Corinthia Hotel, a 5-star hotel, puts up a beautiful Christmas tree in the lobby as well as an edible ginger bread house. You can buy gingerbread cookies, poppy seed pie, macaroons and other delicious sweets. Honestly, it really brings up the holiday spirit andI would highly advise staying there for a few days.

Christmas Budapest tree
Photos: Elizabeth Bezverkha

Christmas Budapest squre
Photos: Elizabeth Bezverkha

Elizabeth Bezverkha

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