3 Amazing LGBTQIA+-Friendly Bars & Clubs In Budapest 

In honor of pride month, here are five vibrant bars and clubs in Budapest that will welcome and invite you into the Hungarian LGBTQIA+ culture! 

There are many things to explore in Hungary, including: cuisine, wine, palinka, and gorgeous sights the country offers. Despite its intriguing ventures and quaint culture, it is not widely welcoming of progressive ideas, such as the LGBTQIA+ community. As the Hungarian government revokes civil rights for the gay community, however, there is still a profound and lively counterculture within the country that reflects the growing appreciation and acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community. As COVID regulations lighten, below are three places anyone can look forward to visiting in Hungary’s beautiful capital, Budapest, and experience the growing LGBTQIA+ culture through its exciting nightlife.

COVID Guidelines in Hungary

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Photo by Mercedes Mehling on Unsplash

While it is generally understood that vaccinated individuals may travel to and from Hungary, walk around unmasked and attend social events, please exercise caution by keeping yourself updated with official announcements and information. As a general rule of thumb, it is always good to carry your vaccination card and a mask (just in case!)

Safety at Night in Budapest

While Budapest is generally safe, there are some areas one should avoid when enjoying the beautiful city. You can find more information here; however, as a local, I can attest that it is best to remain closer to city center, as that is where more people (and so more police) live. Furthermore, all the bars and clubs on this list reside in that area, so it should make it easy!


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Photo by Liam McKay on Unsplash

Anyone who lives in or has been to Hungary can tell you that Szimplakert is one of Budapest’s “must-see” bars. Widely known as ruin bars, places such as Szimplakert literally reside in the ruins of buildings that can be over 100 years old! Located in the 7th District, otherwise referred to as the “Party District,” you’ll find this to be one of the most exciting places to be. Two stories tall, the venue boasts eight different bars serving a cacophony of drinks, shishas, food, and even local art! As one of the most popular locations to visit, it also brings together various identities and cultures.

But most will not know that it is just as vibrant during the day as it is at night. Szimplakert brings life to the ruins by hosting various events such as farmer’s markets, art exhibitions, concerts…and more. Making it incredibly easy to experience the finest of Hungary’s vast culture in a welcoming manner. It is also the scene of pride events throughout June and is reputed as an extraordinarily open and welcoming venue.

szimplakert in budapest
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Alter Ego

Also found in the 7th District, Alter Ego hosts some of the biggest drag shows in Budapest and is one of the friendliest, as well as the most welcoming club in Hungary. Opened in 2009, Alter Ego sets the stage for drag culture by organizing musicals, dances, fashion shows, and other performances. It is also located near Szimplakert, so it is worth visiting if you find yourself out on a Saturday evening. You can peruse its website for more information on opening times, party arrangements, and future events!

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Toldi Mozi és Klub / Toldi Cinema and Club

A few blocks from Budapest’s famous “Freedom Square” in the 5th District, lies an inconspicuous venue that is cinema by day (okay, late afternoon) and club by night. Film lovers will appreciate the unique selection of foreign art movies found on its online program. The location is impressive, as some performances take place in the main restaurant area, allowing guests to enjoy excellent drinks and food during the show.

toldiartmozi in budapest
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At night, the room changes completely, with tables and chairs being removed and a DJ booth constructed in moments. The venue opens its doors to party organizers such as HELLO, who hosts LGBTQIA+ encouraged parties and features the music of celebrity representatives, including: Lady Gaga. Suppose you are looking for an all-around party experience in Budapest and drag shows, pride events, and art movies. In that case, Toldi is a must-see before you leave Hungary.

Tom grew up in Hungary and has lived there until he left for college, frequenting various bars over the years with his friends and discovering the more minute venues hidden in Budapest. 

Thomas Benko

Content Editor Associate

Tom was born and raised in Hungary by a multi-cultural family, he has spent much of his life traveling in different countries. Tom is obsessed with culture-specific art and cuisine, his favorite place to visit is Pilsen, Czech Republic, as he considers it his second home, a place filled with cultural minutia. In his spare time, Tom likes to study music and paint, and trains to be a volunteer firefighter.

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