6 Greek Souvenirs You Must Score In Santorini

Since you can’t bring home a sunset.

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A quick stroll through any village in Santorini, you’ll instantly realize that there are no shortage of shops displaying Greek souvenirs. Instead of going through a list of boutiques you should hit up, this list recommends several items you should bring home from Santorini. It seems that most shops will carry these items, but let’s not go for the fridge magnet or regular postcard. We can do better than that!

1. White wine!

Gaia Winery
PHOTO Wendy Hung

Santorini is known for REALLY great white wine, due to the well-drained volcanic soil and vines that are ancient yet resistant to phylloxera (a plant louse that is a pest of vines.) We highly recommend heading over to Gaia Wines, have some tastings by the beach then bring home a bottle!

2. Any beauty products with donkey milk.

donkey milk
PHOTO Athena and Poseidon

Besides riding donkeys, their milk also treats various skin diseases, including: eczema, psoriasis and dry skin. Try to find beauty products that contain donkey milk in local pharmacy stores, these items can help the skin to rebuild and remove dead cells. Donkey milk contains proteins fat, lactose, vitamins and casein so it’s incredibly beneficial for the body.

3. Olive oil.

Olive oil, Greece
UNSPLASH Kukuvaja Feinkost

One popular activity to do in Santorini is to go olive oil tasting, and that’s because the island contains rich and high quality organic farms. The olives are typically handpicked right before cold season, then collected right after crushing and cold press method.

4. Oh, honey!

Greek honey souvenir
UNSPLASH Anastase Maragos

Oia isn’t only famous for its sunset, many known beekeepers live there too! Try to purchase items that contain honey it them, including: jellies, jams, herbs, and teas. Even beauty products like soap have local beeswax are VERY Santorini at high quality.

5. Lava rock amulet.

Lava rock amulet

These volcanic bead bracelets are all over Santorini boutiques. Although many that you’ll see are probably made in China, but it’s one of those “Santorini” souvenirs to bring home. These volcanic beads made from red and black lava rocks either come in black or red.

6. Something from Atlantis Books.

Atlantis Books
FACEBOOK Atlantis Books

It’s like going to Paris and stopping by The Shakespeare Company, Atlantis Books carries the same hype in Santorini. Even if you can’t find a book to bring home, a journal always makes a lovely memory of where you’ve been!

Wendy Hung


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