6 Santorini Neighborhoods: The Ultimate Breakdown Of Villages

Prehistoric and picturesque!

Santorini neighborhoods are made up of prehistoric and picturesque villages that will leave your heart in a lusciously romantic escape.

1. Oia


Reputation: Famous for the sunsets.

The 411: The most popular and famous village in Santorini, Oia (pronounced EE-YA) is famous for its sunsets. Oia is located on top of a gorgeous cliff and encompasses an incredible view of the Thirassia island and of the Caldera volcano. Located on the northern part of Santorini island, Oia is known for for blue domed churches, and verandas for sunbathing. It’s also the most touristic village in all of Santorini.

Don’t miss: Maritime Museum, art galleries, and Armenis beach.

2. Fira

PHOTO Jordyn Asakowicz

Reputation: The capital.

The 411: As the capital of Santorini, Fira (or Thera) is arguably the most important village of them all and fairly busy. It’s also situated on a magnificent cliff with a captivating view of the volcano. Most houses here are white, with blue doors and windows. During high season, Fira is crowded with tourists. Here’s where you’ll find many bars and nightclubs.

Don’t miss: Archaeological Museum, Ipapanti Cathedral, Agios Minas Monastery, and Megaron Gyzi Museum (features photos of Fira after the 1956 earthquake.)

3. Immerovigli

Imerovigli, Santorini, Greece
FACEBOOK Imerovigli, Santorini, Greece 

Reputation: The most romantic.

The 411: Immerovigli is a village with one of the best views of the caldera, hence the meaning of its name. Vigla means view spot. Back in the day, locals could see whether pirate ships were coming from Immerovigli. Now, you can find traditional places to stay here for a local experience while enjoying the view of the caldera.

Don’t miss: Castle on Scaros Rock,.

4. Pyrgos

Pyrgos, Greece

Reputation: Where travelers (not tourists) are at.

The 411: Before early 1800s, Pyrgos used to be the capital of Santorini. Today, Pyrgos is where tourism is moving to, after the overflow of travelers in Oia. You can see many churches here with gorgeous frescoes. We loved the restaurant Selene here, while staying at the eco-resort Santorini Heights.

Don’t miss: The Venetian Castle from 13th century, the Monastery of Prophet Elias.

5. Emporio

Emporio Santorini
PHOTO Wendy Hung

Reputation: Off-the-beaten-path hidden gem. (Our favorite!)

The 411: Emporio has the most medieval vibe with a gorgeous bell tower. The houses are well-preserved, meanwhile the entire neighborhood is quiet and tranquil. It’s perfect for those who want to stay away from crowds and prefer a more local experience.

Don’t miss: The large bell tower and Perissa beach.

6. Akrotiri

Akrotiri, Santorini, Greece
UNSPLASH Khamkéo Vilaysing

Reputation: The most important archeological site in Santorini.

The 411: Situated next to the Red Beach, Akrotiri is a huge hub for tourists. Known as the most significant archeological site in Santorini, everything was ruined after the volcanic eruption during 1600 BC. Today, you can see architecture with gorgeous frescoes that have made Akrotiri a fan favorite. Some houses even have windmills.

Don’t miss: Red beach, Venetian castle, and Agios Nikolaos Church.

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