8 Awesome Things To Do In Mykonos Besides Partying

A different taste of Mykonos.

Just like people, every island in the Cyclades has a different reputation. Santorini oozes romance, Paros caters to families and beaches, Naxos is the hidden gem waiting for foodies to devour, and then there’s Mykonos. It’s no surprise that this Island of the Wind is revered for its party culture, especially after a stroll along the harbor. Music blasting, crowds shuffling, cocktails spilling…it’s a different kind of nightlife culture. A level all on its own, comparable to Hvar in Croatia.

If you’re like me, Mykonos probably wound up on the itinerary simply because it was almost a requirement. Who wouldn’t want to make a quick pit stop in one of the most famous Greek islands and experience the famous villa rentals in Mykonos? If the rowdy party scene isn’t quite up your alley, however, here’s a list of activities that you can enjoy without feeling like you’re on MTV’s Spring Break 24/7. Of course, we do start the list with a little alcohol…

1. Have a cocktail in Little Venice while admiring the island sunset.

Caprice of Mykonos
FACEBOOK Caprice of Mykonos

One of the most scenic places in Mykonos certainly is the romantic Alefkandra, or Little Venice, which garnered its name from a postcard-like waterfront setting. Against ivory architecture, there is a wide array of bars that face the water so close your feet can almost touch it from the patio tables. Take in the sun setting against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea leaves an unforgettable imprint to last a lifetime, even if your night is just about to begin. Here’s a list of bars to check out.

2. Old Harbor

old harbor, mykonos
Image par Christophe Schindler de Pixabay 

Just a few steps from Little Venice is Old Harbor where you stumble upon the Church of Agios Nikolaos and Mykonos’ ancient Town Hall. Mosey along the harbor and you’ll encounter The Archeological Museum of Mykonos, which was built in 1905, making it the oldest museum in Greece. Its collections span from Prehistoric to Hellenistic period, but keep an eye out for the iconic large vase made in Tinos which depicts scenes from the fall of Troy. There are also numerous bars and restaurants in Old Harbor where you can rest your feet with a nice glass of local wine.

3. Follow the windmills.

Windmills mykonos
Windmills mykonos. UNSPLASH Despina Galani

Along the skyline of the island, there are seven iconic windmills that are just as synonymous as the party scene in Mykonos. Constructed during the 16th century, these windmills were meant to grind wheat and barley. There are two that remain open to the public today along with a tiny gift shop where many travelers wait for the right moment to snap a plethora of photos. Read more about the history of the iconic windmills here.

4. Shop on Matogianni Street…

in mykonos
UNSPLASH Héctor J. Rivas

…during the day, since there are loads of crafty souvenir shops and beautiful boutiques to browse through. The windy alleys covered in blue and white also exude a typical getaway in the Cyclades. Once the evening strikes, however, Matogianni Street transforms into an epicenter of Mykonos’ nightlife. Bars and clubs are pumped with music, every restaurant owner entices the next crowd of travelers’ attention.

5. Indulge an organic farm-to-table meal at Farma.

Farma Mykonos

The very first farm-to-table restaurant in Greece sits far away from the noise of a typical Mykonos. Farma, or ΦARMA, symbolizes a profound respect for the island’s roots and soul. Inside, you’ll be guided through the charming estate which begins with a one-acre farm featuring a wide variety of vegetable and herb gardens. With every table directly facing a splendid sunset view, ΦARMA’s seasonal menu alters daily according to what is readily available to the land without human pressure. We began with crispy baked bread, paired with a rich tomato sauce. Followed by chickpeas (a personal favorite,) fried zucchinis (a total must in the Mediterranean,) then a delightful fish was skillfully deboned right at our table,