10 Fun Facts About Mykonos Party Culture

It’s the Ibiza of Greece!

Mykonos. UNSPLASH Charlie Gallant

Known as the Ibiza of Greece, Mykonos is famous for drinks, clubs, parties on and by the beach. Today, it remains as one of the most expensive places to visit in Greece. But before you go and join the scene, here are some fun facts about Mykonos party culture.

1. Lohan, Hilton, Di Caprio! 


For more than 50 years, Mykonos has welcomed celebrities and socialites from around the world. They rent villas, dip their toes in golden beaches, and dance the night away on the island. Hence, it continues to be an expensive destination. So prepare to break the bank!

2. Yoho, pirates!

Back in the 1900’s, Mykonos was a popular hangout spot for pirates who owned the oceans. On Mykonos, they used to sing and drink all night and day. It seems that not much has changed.

3. Jackie O


Though one of the best bars is called Jackie O, we’re talking about the real Jackie Kennedy Onassis here. The former First Lady’s interest was first piqued in 1960 when the film Never On Sunday grew popularity. It featured Melina Mercouri’s representation as a Greek artist. During summer of 1961, Jackie O arrived on a speedboat in Mykonos, greeted by the mayor and local dignitaries.

4. Gay-friendly attitude.

Despite that civil partnerships for same-sex couple has only recently been legal in Greece, Mykonos has become the most gay-friendly island in the Cyclades. Why? It’s the beaches! They’re the best places to have fun, meet friendly people traveling from all over the world. Mykonos nightlife is stylish, sassy, and famously popular.

5. 100 bars…and counting.

Mykonos island isn’t big in size, but there’s definitely not shortage of bars and clubs. It’s been said that there are 100 bars on the island alone.

6. Taxis?

For a touristy destination welcoming late night drinkers, there’s definitely a shortage of taxis in Mykonos. You’ll likely see a crowd of people waiting for taxis. 30 minutes might go by without anyone being able to get a taxi, which also means you will likely be ripped off. Many folks opt to rent ATVs or motorbikes for transportation, or staying near the bars so you can easily walk home at night.

7. The naked truth.

Here is also an ideal place for nudists since there are many choices for nudist beaches, and topless swimming is allowed everywhere.

8. Pop that champagne!

You’ll be able to find the most expensive bottle of champagne in Greece here, it’s the 125,000 euro Armand De Brignac Methouselah Midas bottle. You can find it at Nammos restaurant, in Psarou.

9. Pierro’s bar.


Known as the most legendary bar in Mykonos, Pierro’s bar first opened in 1973, and lasted for more than 3.5 decades. Though it’s closed now, the stories still live on and people miss this famous gay club.

10. DJ, play that music!

Wanna dance the night way in a spaceship? Mykonos has attracted world’s best EDM DJ’s in recent years, making the island a host of two of the best night clubs in the world.

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