Here Are The Best Bars In Athens: From Rooftops To Hidden Gems

There are countless rooftops with sweeping views of the Acropolis and cozy holes in the wall where you can catch a vibe.

Athens has a white-hot cocktail bar scene as the city’s world-class bars have been snatching top places on the World’s 50 Best Bars list over the last few years. So, get ready for mouthwatering souvlaki and Negronis voted as the World’s Best Cocktail. Here are our favorite bars in Athens!

The Clumsies

Praxitelous 30, Athina 105 61, Greece

The Clumsies placed 4th in the World’s 50 Best Bars List in 2021, making it the toast of Athens’ flourishing cocktail bar scene. So of course, if you’re a cocktail connoisseur, you can’t leave Athens without a requisite visit to The Clumsies.

The level at which everything, including the ambience, décor and mixology, at The Clumsies is so understated yet effortlessly chic and original is truly transcendent. The cavernous space has multiple salons that are decorated with moody yet romantic Mediterranean flair. Patrons are enveloped in a cocoon of washed-out earth-tone walls laced with potted palm fronds and vines hanging from the ceiling. The classic mahogany bar with three sweeping arches is a gorgeous testament to the top-notch bartending which takes place there.

The drinks at The Clumsies lean more towards the herbaceous and floral side, and not so much towards the stiff and alcoholic side. However, each cocktail is immaculately balanced and feels like consuming a potion with ingredients that you’ve never seen before. A perfect example is the Aegean Negroni (voted World’s Best Cocktail by Time Out in 2019) which features Old Tom Gin, Ambrato vermouth, fennel seeds and diktamus. Or indulge in an Athenian spritz like one with white wine, elderflower, Amalia Brut and seasonal fruit. Whether it’s pomegranate molasses or baklava spices, each cocktail features something totally original that also has a strong sense of place.

Baba au rum

Klitiou 6, Athina 105 60, Greece

Sometimes rum can feel like an underrated spirit in the cocktail world. But rum-lovers can rejoice because there’s a world-class bar in Athens that’s dedicated exclusively to rum, which also happened to place 14th on the World’s 50 Best Bars list in 2021. Baba Au Rum feels like a fantastic high-end tiki bar where top-notch mixology puts rum at the forefront.

The menu is a very exciting and comprehensive book which patrons can study in detail and pore over which yummy cocktail they’d like to try with glee. This book has many pages with descriptions of over 25 original cocktails which makes it no easy feat to decide. The Rum Society cocktails are especially exciting as the bar recreates and elevates rum and tiki classics for discerning rum lovers.

Retiré at the ERGON House

Mitropoleos 23, Athina 105 57, Greece

There are lots of rooftop options in Athens offering views of the Acropolis. But our favorite is the swish but laidback Retiré at the top of Ergon House. This spacious rooftop is laden with wide banquettes, bean bag chairs, twinkle lights and a cocktail truck. The vibe gives more cool backyard house party than bougie rooftop bar. Plus, the cocktails are done by The Clumsies team so you know they will be top notch.

Retiré at the ERGON House
Retiré at the ERGON House. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Retiré gives you the sunny snacks and refreshing (plus frozen!) cocktails that you crave when you’re hitting the rooftop bar for daytime or sunset drinks. You can order proper original cocktails by The Clumsies, including the Clumsy Negroni, Nostalgia with rum and hazelnut bitters and a strawberry daiquiri that you know will hit the spot with rum, strawberry and vanilla. The food selection is exciting as you can get selections from Agora at Ergon House downstairs. You can get meat cuts from the butcher, fish fillets from fish monger and all the seasonal salads, pastas, spreads, platters and mezes that your heart desires.

Retiré at Ergon House is the perfect spot for those looking for high end cocktails and gastronomy to go with those sweeping Acropolis views!


Falirou 48, Athina 117 42, Greece

KINONO is a minimalist café bar located in the hipster Koukaki district. KINONO embodies the up-and-coming neighborhood of Koukaki in many ways in that it’s young, hip and artsy. The space is industrial and minimalist, yet given a whimsical touch by the adorable plant store in the back which will make any plant-loving millennial swoon. You’ll find KINONO bustling with in-the-know hipsters sipping coffee, eating avocado toast and enjoying excellent cocktails throughout the day.

There’s a stunning lacquered blond wood bar that stretches along the entire length of the space. While KINONO first appears like a place that’s more suited for coffee or organic lunches, the bar churns out original cocktails made with serious mixology. The cocktail list is intriguing and features balanced tipples that expertly blend exotic spices, florals and aromas. KINONO is the ideal place to go for pre or post dinner drinks with your trendy friends who like to enjoy mixologist cocktails in a chic venue.

Tiki Bar Athens

Falirou 15, Athina 117 42, Greece

Who knew we’d find a fantastic Tiki Bar worth writing home about in the heart of Athens? Tiki Bar, also located in the trendy Koukaki district, is a world-class tiki bar that fulfills the tropical fantasy and leaves you wanting more. The kitchy decoration is on point, as patrons can chill on groovy cheetah print divans surrounded by palm fronds inside the bar. Or they can enjoy al fresco patio seating on bamboo Hawaiian print chairs.

The cocktail menu is also a delightful surprise as it features reimagined popular tiki cocktails and a lengthy list of crowd-pleasing bar snacks. You can get a tropical negroni with coffee bitters or a classy junglebird made right with just rum, campari, pineapple juice and lime. Being a proper tiki bar, you can expect lots of tantalizing potions featuring fresh tropical flavors like passion fruit, papaya, coconut, mango, guava and more. And as mentioned, there’s a long list of yummy snacks to go with your food such as pizzas, tacos, burgers and more.

If you’re looking for a fun time with great food, drinks and atmosphere, stopping by Tiki Bar Athens is a must!

Upupa Epops

Alkminis 7, Athina 118 54, Greece

Upupa Epops is one of the coolest bars and eateries in Athens. The space spans across three old houses plus outdoor patio which are beautifully decked out in vibrant bohemian antiques and furniture. Upupa Epops is an amazing place to hang out with great vibes all around. So, whether you’re looking for a lively place to get drinks with friends or a dim, moody venue for a date, Upupa Epops is the place to be!

The drink list doesn’t disappoint either. The list of original cockails spans a few pages and have a mystical touch, just like the surrounding ambience. There’s a myriad of options, from floral and aromatic to bitter and heady. The Long Purple is a tantalizing tipple with homemade kaimaki ice cream, gin, honey and orange flower water. There’s another called Amnesia made with rum, absinthe, oleo-saccharum, falernum and bitters. Upupa Epops also has an excellent food menu with items like a truffle cheese burger and angus pastrami, and it’s a popular hot spot for brunch.

The 7 Jokers Coffee & Cocktail Bar

Voulis 7, Athina 105 62, Greece

7 Jokers is the cool, low-key hang out spot for those in the know. It’s the favorite watering hole for industry folks because of the 4 AM closing time and top-notch drinks made by bartenders who know what they’re doing.

Best bars in Athens
INSTAGRAM @the7jokersbar.athens

7 Jokers is a dream for those who love a good helping of camp and quirk in their bars. It’s got the rowdy vibe of a dive bar and the random décor of a circus antique shop. You know that with a few drinks in you under the twinkle lights, you’re in for a good time. The cocktails are colorful and boozy, just like the surroundings. And there’s a quality selection of wines, beers and liquors to choose from, so whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll be covered. Go drink where the bartenders drink at the bar with the chillest vibes and latest closing time in Athens at 7 Jokers.

Best bars in Athens
INSTAGRAM @the7jokersbar.athens
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