7 Travel Looks For Your Winter Vacay In Berlin

Understated by cool travel looks for men and women.

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Berlin is one of the top destinations for travelers visiting Europe in the winter season. To make sure your style is as urban and clever as the city, we’ve spent months stalking Pinterest for the hottest looks of this winter. We’ve got travel looks for men and women: lust-worthy jackets, every color skinny jeans, and thousands of scarves.  Extra cold weather means extra snuggly accessories, so please don’t let a little weather give you S.A.D. disorder (Shapeless And Dumpy). Put down last year’s lame parka and travel this season in style. Our rule: traveling means packing light, so find a few staples you obsess over, and make sure your colors are easy to mix and match.

Travel Look #1: Find Yourself a Season Staple

UNSPLASH Florian Gretillat

This look is textbook travel style. For women, a versatile leather jacket, flats in a fun print, and a messy but chic bun make wandering a new city look like your job. For men, finding the perfect coat is a sure fire way to look stylish on the daily.

Travel Look #2: Mix Business with Pleasure

UNSPLASH Satria Hutama

I know you want to feel like yourself while traveling, but having a few go-to professional pieces is a must. Lauren Conrad’s classic leather boots and ultra-comfy scarf pull together her business-meets-pleasure blazer. Similarly, rocking a tie is easy when you have a structured dressy jean. Style: accomplished.

Travel Look #3: Accessorize Without Apology

berlin fashion

If you’re packing carefully, it takes some jealousy-provoking accessories to give each day a different look. Women can mix chunky necklaces and vintage items with current trends like combat boots or a hat. No one will notice yesterday’s white-tee. For men, a basic black-on-black T-shirt and jean looks spot on with gloves, a hat, and shades.

Travel Look #4: Rock a Color

UNSPLASH Kinga Cichewicz

We see enough gray and white when we look at the sky, so buy something you’ll wear constantly like a warm scarf or winter coat in a great color. The best part about a bright coat is you don’t have to think about it, you just throw it on and look instantly iconic. This winter, we love cherry red on women and rich greens on men.

Travel Look #5: Embrace the Boots

Incorporate chunky, warm, and comfortable boots into your look. There is nothing worse than traveling in a pair of shoes that pinch, tear, or leak. Play with layers and textures or offset or highlight the boots. Either way, people will find themselves trolling department stores for your pair of authentic hiking boots. Check out some of our favorite boots here.

Travel Look #6: Find a Style Icon

When confused, think of your favorite celebrity, model, or film icon. Now: Google Image search. Instead of paying attention to the type of items they are wearing, take in the color scheme, the shapes of the clothes, and the aesthetic. If you don’t have the time or the energy, try to recreate the look to the best of your ability. I won’t tell anyone.

Travel Look #7: Keep it Classic

UNSPLASH Andrea Caviglia

There is a way for women to look feminine when covered in fabric, think ballet shades with light pinks and classic black. A pair of sweet booties is a great option; they look ladylike with tights and can double with jeans. They’re a great alternative to heels for a night out in bad weather. Men, keep things classic with a tailored fit and simple color palate.  These two have killed it dead.

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Lena Kazer

Lena is a Chicago native, her travel style consists of red cowboy boots that make her feel like she can take over the world. She adores Peru and can't travel without her journal to draw or write in.

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