6 English Bookshops In Berlin For Every Kind Of Reader

Greenery, coffee, books… What more does a city need?

Berlin, the capital city of Germany, is not the sunniest and warmest of all places. Whether you are traveling or living in Berlin, it wouldn’t be a surprise to get seasonal depression once in a while. What better excuse to quit work early and take a stroll to the bookshop? A little bit of inspiration could be just what you need to turn your dreary Berliner soul into a dreamy one. Don’t forget to bring your umbrella and coat, though.

Shakespeare and Sons

Warschauer Str. 74, 10243 Berlin, Germany

bookshops in berlin
Shakespeare and Sons Berlin. FACEBOOK @shakespeareandsonsberlin

At the heart of the cozy Friedrichshain neighborhood, Shakespeare and Sons is a mainly English bookshop, offering a wide selection from classics to contemporary hits, non-fiction, and politics. They’re also wildly popular for their hearty bagels — cream cheese or spread of your choice, schmeared unapologetically at an affordable price. Grab a coffee, enjoy a customized bagel, and take a seat with a book. Come on a Sunday, and it’ll be a short walk to the bustling flea market at Boxhagener Platz.

George’s English Bookstore

Wörther Str. 27, 10405 Berlin, Germany

Saint George's English Bookshop Berlin
FACEBOOK Saint George’s English Bookshop Berlin

Browsing through used books is just like thrifting for clothes — the atmosphere is usually a little dank and dimly-lit, and the books seemingly unappealing and colorless. But a little bit of mindless searching and you might just find the gem you didn’t know you were looking for. At St. George’s, you’ll get the experience of a British country girl in an apron, scrabbling through her grandmother’s attic in search of a new read. Ladders reach into the tallest heights of unnoticed literature, beckoning you to explore outside of your literary comfort zone.

She Said – Buchhandlung

Kottbusser Damm 79, 10967 Berlin, Germany

bookshops in berlin
She Said Berlin. FACEBOOK @shesaidbooks

Talk about unnoticed literature — ! An entire gender of writers have gone unnoticed throughout history. Here at She Said, you’ll find the other side of literature, the literature written by women, to inspire yourself as a fellow woman or just as another fellow unnoticed human being. Discover hidden talents, and pick up one or two glittery, powerful covers to light up your bookshelf at home.

Pro Qm

Almstadtstraße 48, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Pro qm

Specializing in art, design, architecture, and political critique, this bookshop is a must if you haven’t felt inspired by something in a while. The decor is simple with an industrial touch, and there is plenty of space and natural light for you to feel comfortable enough getting lost in the shelves for hours. Hop into Pro Qm and gift yourself a break from the busy, commercial streets of Berlin Mitte.

ocelot, not just another bookstore

Brunnenstraße 181, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Ocelot Berlin
Ocelot Berlin. FACEBOOK @ocelotberlin

Ocelot is a place where you feel right at home the moment you enter. Rather small, they make up for their size with their carefully thought out selection of German, English, and children’s books. You likely won’t find anything here if you come looking for a specific English title; instead, you’ll find yourself browsing through unassuming, digestible versions of existentialist philosophy, feminist theory, or the Cold War, topics that seem to be out of reach to you will be very much within reach in Ocelot. Of course, there’s plenty of fiction, too, but not shelves upon shelves that would cause you decision anxiety. Ocelot is a great place to visit once it starts getting dark at 3 pm in December — there are coffee and a few tables, should you wish to stay away from the cold for a moment or two longer.

Love Story of Berlin

Kastanienallee 88, 10435 Berlin, Germany

Love Story of Berlin
Love Story of Berlin. FACEBOOK @berlinlovestory

A gem of a bookstore squatting along the aesthetic Kastanienallee, Love Story of Berlin boasts a fairly large, neatly organized collection of English books. Being in quite the vibey neighborhood (in all the right ways), you’ll also find it hard to resist some of their cute trinkets and funky postcards. The go-to bookshop when looking for the perfect gift, or just to get some inspiration for yourself in the middle of your Prenzlauerberg shopping day.

Lyon Nishizawa


Lyon is a lifelong traveler, who looks at each destination as her next classroom and playground. She is fascinated by the stories, music, and languages of the world. Her parents are Japanese, but she spent her childhood in multiple cultures and identifies as a third culture kid.

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