These Entrepreneurs Share 6 Ethic Restaurants In Paris

My culinary tastes reflect my state of mind: eclectic and multicultural.

Ali Mortaza
PHOTO Ali Mortaza

My name is Ali Mortaza, and I am the co-founder of Tapatía. I was born in Afghanistan but I grew up in France since I was a child in the great city of Nantes, in the western part of France. I have been living in Paris for four years now, and I have had the chance to live in several countries for my studies and work, which has afforded me the opportunity to discover different cultures and ways of life. I’ve lived in Andalusia (south of Spain), Finland and then in Mexico where I met my wife.

My culinary tastes reflect my state of mind: eclectic and multicultural. So, here are my top restaurants in Paris that you must try!

1. Invitez-Vous Chez Nous

7 Rue de l’Épée de Bois, 75005 Paris, France (map, website)
Invitez-Vous Chez Nous, Paris.
INSTAGRAM @najjarnicolas

For delicious French cuisine I highly recommend Invitez-Vous Chez Nous in the Latin district. It is a restaurant owned and operated by a couple, with the madame running the kitchen and the monsieur overlooking the service. The restaurant boasts a cozy and warm atmosphere, and the dishes are simple and fresh.

2. Le Vieil Alger

29 Bis Rue des Favorites, 75015 Paris, France (map, website)
Le Viel Algier, Paris
INSTAGRAM @james.creedon

Le Vieil Alger is my favorite place when it comes to Maghreb cuisine in the city. Simple, yet well executed, the dishes and portions are generous and delicious. I recommend the Méchoui couscous (baked lamb shoulder), which is an absolute a real delight! And if you have room for desert, you must try their homemade pastries, which are delectable!

3. Thaim

46 Rue de Richelieu, 75001 Paris, France (map, website)

I love Thai food, and I highly recommend Thaim restaurant, situated at the very center of Paris close to the Palais Royal. The setting is beautiful, soft lighting, zen attitude, and the service is discreet. Despite the limited options on the menu, the dishes are fresh and excellent.

4. Higuma

27 Boulevard des Italiens, 75002 Paris, France (map, website)
FACEBOOK Higuma Sainte-Anne

Higuma is a must-try Japanese restaurant, but you won’t find any sushi or maki here! They serve hot and popular Japanese dishes that are cooked in front of you if you eat at the bar (a real show!), including lamen soup, itamemono (sautéed noodles) and donburi (rice with meat). Prices are unbeatable, but beware that the place is often crowded and you might wait a few minutes before getting a table.

5. Buzkashi

7 Rue des Dames, 75017 Paris, France (map, website)

In Paris, I recommend two Afghan restaurants that are very good. One is Buzkashi, which serves a limited, though delicious menu. Buzkashi exudes a typical Afghan atmosphere, which is one of the most appealing draws of the restaurant to me; in particular, you can sit and dine in true traditional Afghan style (cross-legged) and there’s another area with regular tables.

6. La Table Afghane

107 Rue Didot, 75014 Paris, France (map, website)
La Table Afghane
FACEBOOK La Table Afghane

The other Afghan restaurant I love is La Table Afghane, situated on the south side of Paris. The food is delectable and music is great, not to mention an overall great dining experience you will not soon forget. And don’t forget to try their all-you-can-eat buffet is a must for all your big eaters out there!


Restaurant l’Ariana

28 Rue Léon Jamin, 44000 Nantes, France (map, website)
Restaurant l'Ariana, Nantes
FACEBOOK Restaurant l’Ariana, Nantes

I am not necessarily very objective given my origins but the cuisine I prefer is Afghan. I went to almost all the afghan restaurants in Paris, but my favorite remains Restaurant l’Ariana located in Nantes, France, the city where I grew up. I have high expectations when it comes to Afghan food, which is complex and requires an accurate amount of various spices to taste just right. And the L’Ariana Restaurant in Nantes is by far the only restaurant I’ve eaten at that strikes the right balance of finesse and subtlety in its flavors and aromas to deliver an authentic Afghan dining experience.

Article written by co-owner of Tapatia shoes: Ali Mortaza Follow Tapatia on Facebook & Instagram.

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