Tips For Visiting The Palace Of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is among the top-visited destinations in France.

Tips for Visiting the Palace of Versailles


The place receives visitors from within the country and the rest of the world. The Palace of Versailles is a decadent symbol of royal influence and power. It is a place where you learn more about French history.

Every year, the place receives over 10 million visitors. It is the second largest attraction after the Eiffel Tower. The Palace of Versailles is the symbol of France, and this post will guide you in the preparation for the visit.

Book your Tickets in Advance

You must choose your Versailles tickets in advance, which will significantly help you. Making the early bookings, you will get the earliest time slot available. Please do it two weeks in advance rather than on the visiting day.

Familiarize with the History of Versailles

Familiarizing yourself with the Versailles history is important. One thing about the rooms in the palace is that most of them do not have plaques showcasing information. And the rooms that have them, its normally written in French, so if you don’t understand this language the trip might be challenging. You can download an app that will help you familiarize yourself with the property. Additionally, you can download the audio guide in advance.

Have a Guided Tour

A guided tour is important on this trip, especially if you don’t want to familiarize yourself with the history or listen to the audio guide. With a 90 minutes tour, you will learn the rich history and several portraits within the palace with a professional tour guide.

Pack Snacks and Drinks

Before visiting the place, you must have a hearty breakfast and carry some extra snacks and drinks. Consider carrying enough water to sustain you during the entire visit. You must bring them because there are cafes where you can buy drinks and other refreshments inside the palace, but the line is too long. But if you can be patient enough with the queue, you will have no problem getting the things to eat and drink.

Carry a Hat and Sunscreen

As you plan the visit, ensure you have something to protect your skin from the beaming sun. Carry a hat, sunscreen and anything that will prevent you from sunburning badly. Put on clothing that will protect your entire skin.

Put on Comfortable Shoes

Usually, those planning to explore the gardens and other areas of the Versailles estate hire bikes or golf carts. If you are not going to hire them, you will need to wear shoes that will allow you to walk comfortably. The best choice of shoes is sneakers, as you will be walking on dirt and rock pebbles.

Choose the Visiting Days Wisely

If possible, kindly avoid visiting the palace on weekends and Tuesdays, as there are high chances of the place being crowded. On Tuesdays, other museums tend to close; therefore, the available visitors flock to Versailles instead.

As you plan to visit the Palace of Versailles, you must prepare well. Know where you will spend the nights, where you will be eating etc. Versailles is an attraction center that individuals from around the globe visit. Therefore, you must book your tickets early enough to be served first. You must also carry drinks and snacks to avoid queuing for long hours in the cafe. If you plan to visit the Palace of Versailles, use the above tips to make the trip successful.

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