5 Things To Know About Moulin Rouge

Some key things to know before you head for a glamorous show in Paris! 

Moulin Rouge
Photo by Karina lago on Unsplash

What to wear:

There is a wide array of outfits worn by the attendees of Moulin Rouge due to the diverse audience of people from around the world.  People range from wearing shorts and sandals to dresses and heels. My recommendation would be to dress up (Black pants or a dress and heels for girls and slacks and a collared shirt for guys),  but it is not necessary to pull out the diamonds!

Expect to see live animals:

Although I do not want to give away the surprises that await you at the show, there are definitely a few acts that bring in live animals onto the stage. One thing I will expose is there is a water pit!

Order champagne:

Basically everyone orders a bottle of champagne for the table so before the show starts, bottles are popping all around.  Trust me — you won’t want to be left out!

Moulin Rouge
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Get there early:

Seating is based on a first come/first serve basis so get there early to ensure you get the best seat!

There is some but not all nudity:

The show is a combination of fully dressed and topless dancers. Families can also bring small children to see the show, children as young as 6 years old, so no need to find babysitters! For some people, although it may be something you aren’t quite used to seeing, it is all apart of the cultural experience and one should not miss a showing of Moulin Rouge!

Moulin Rouge
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Allison Koblick

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