THE Spot To Be In Paris This Summer Is…

When the weather is hot, day drinking in Paris becomes the norm.

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No one’s judging, it’s just the way of life here. Pop open bottles (notice the usage of plural) of rosé and set up camp right by the Seine, and you’ve got a nice 4-5 hours to kill with a chatty group of friends.

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Many opt to buy bottles of wine and picnic food at a supermarket then drink by the river. There are also numerous bars with open tents filled with good looking folks. If you choose to head to a bar, THE spot to be in recent summers has been Le Rosa Bonheur sur Seine.

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Located between Pont des Invalides and Pont Alexandre III is the chic, trendy outdoor hotspot boasting locals in bobos-style (bourgeois boheme) attire. There are large cafeteria tables in front of the bar, with a few lounge chairs randomly placed, perfect for sunbathing or simply chilling.  Highly recommended is ordering a few plates of charcuterie (cold cuts) and a bottle of rosé or white wine. Especially during summertime, go early around 3pm – 5pm. If not, seats will be taken by large groups of friends and space along the river will also be limited.

Be part of the local crowd in June & July, before they take off for vacation in August leaving Paris filled with solely tourists. Now go get a glass and get ready to mingle. Santé!

Wendy Hung


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