12 Super Authentic Restaurants & Bars In Montmartre

A list straight from our local friends who live in the heart of Montmartre.

The iconic Montmartre district in Paris is arguably the most romantic, if not, the most scenic. This must-do quartier comprises of hiking up to Sacré-Coeur Basilica, strolling through captivating alleys where the film Amélie was shot, snapping your Insta-moment in front of le mur des je t’aime, or sitting down for a French meal on rue des Abbesses. Montmartre was once a poor area – home to the city’s impoverished outcasts. During the mid-20th century, it became a hub for bohemians and artists. Today, it’s one of the poshest places to live, boasting fantastic restaurants and bars catered to savvy Parisians and hungry travelers. Follow this list from our local friends who have lived in Montmartre for years, so you know they know best!

EAT: LouLou Montmartre – best organic food & beers/wine

8 Rue Lamarck, 75018 Paris, France

LouLou Montmartre
Facebook LouLou Montmartre

Going natural is the new movement in Paris, and LouLou is the perfect example of this bio trend. On weekends, this is a fantastic spot for brunch, with the most charming view of the utmost enticing Parisian skyline. During the week, LouLou’s 100% natural (and seasonal) dishes on the menu are to be shared, including a beautiful list of natural wines and artisanal beers. Furthermore, anything dairy that you’ll taste is from Bretagne (a region west of France called: Brittany), and the restaurant serves meat from France. This is one of the best places to either start or end your day in Montmartre.

EAT: Le Piano Perchémodern French cuisine 

8 Rue Aristide Bruant

Le Piano Perché
Facebook Le Piano Perché

Beloved by locals, Le Piano Perché oozes a casual atmosphere while featuring your favorite French dishes, including: Filet de Canard, Paleron de Bœuf Français confit cooked for 16 hours, an assortment of organic vegetables…and more. From crabs to foie gras, the food comes with fantastic service paired with fabulous wine or champagne. This is a must-stop for your day trip in Montmartre, the perfect spot to rest your feet after a hike up to Sacré-Coeur.

EAT: La Mascotteoutstanding oysters

52 Rue des Abbesses

La Mascotte
Facebook La Mascotte

This 100-year-old brasserie still serves up gorgeous seafood, especially a plate of fresh oysters perfect for a sunny afternoon. La Mascotte reminiscences vieux Montmartre, or the old Montmartre with a vintage bar and excellent service. The Art Deco interior with wood paneled walls makes it a great location to celebrate special occasions with a beautiful seafood platter and a nice cold glass of Chablis.

EAT: Le Dan Bautasty Vietnamese

18 Rue des Trois Frères

Le Dan Bau
Facebook Le Dan Bau

Place du Tertre might be a famous landmark in Montmartre, but please do not eat at any of the restaurants near the square. Instead, walk 3 minutes away from Tertre and hit up Le Dan Bau for a tasty Vietnamese meal. Since France colonized Vietnam at one point, there’s undoubtedly delicious Vietnamese cuisine embroidered throughout Paris. Tiny yet cozy, you should get: spring rolls, noodles, and soup with a bottle of local wine. You’ll be thankful to not have fallen into tourist traps in the same area.

EAT: Les Tantes JeanneMichelin restaurant 

42 Rue Véron

Les Tantes Jeanne
Facebook Les Tantes Jeanne

For a gastronomic experience in Montmartre, head to Les Tantes Jeanne where tastes of Asia and Turkey are infused with delightful craft. Headed by chef Octave Kasakolu and his wife Laetitia, you’ll unravel some of the best meats in Paris, from Wagyu, Kobe, to Black Angus. Partner those with lovely condiments and a bottle of voluminous red, and you’ve got yourself a total treat. Not to mention, the other delicious options on the menu include: Melanosporum truffle cream, Australian finger lime vinaigrette and sorbet, foie gras and vanilla carpaccio…and much more.

EAT: Le Coq Ricothe perfect roast chicken

98 rue Lepic

Le Coq Rico - Le Bistrot des Belles Volailles
Facebook Le Coq Rico – Le Bistrot des Belles Volailles

Le Coq Rico specializes in poultry but with a gastronomical approach. Posh yet secretive, chef Antoine Westermann’s chicken restaurant serves up its main starlet roasted in masterful ways: free-range, bresse breed, Géline de Touraine…etc. If you love a good chicken, this is YOUR spot. Don’t forget the mouthwatering mac and cheese and other luscious sides, they’re equally titillating. Wood paneled walls and cozy seats make this hearty eatery furthermore enticing, satiating all senses in the best possible ways.

EAT: Le Refuge des Fondus – fun fondus

17 Rue des Trois Frères

Le refuge des fondus
Facebook Le refuge des fondus

Le Refuge des Fondus might not be a serious restaurant, but it’s SERIOUSLY fun! Its fondus might be overly drenched in white wine, but who can say no to drinking red wine in baby bottles? A stable for students studying abroad, this restaurant also makes a silly (and/or drunken) girls’ night out. By the time the fondus are actually served, you might not even care for quality but busy stuffing your face with dipped bread. Le Refuge des Fondus is the epitome of a ridiculous night, so much so that it made our list.

DRINK: Hôtel Particulier Montmartre – best hotel bar

Pavillon, 23 Avenue Junot D

Hotel Particulier Montmartre
Facebook Hotel Particulier Montmartre

Hôtel Particulier Montmartre is a boutique hotel originally belonged to the Hermès family, featuring the largest hotel garden in Paris. There are two places ideal for cocktails, the outdoor terrace in the garden is perfect during the day with a good book and a very generous mimosa. Meanwhile, the indoor bar is lush, sensual, and utterly sexy. Cocktails are served from 6 p.m. – 2 a.m. The hotel is one of the best luxury hideaways in the City of Lights, hence it’s to be treasured.

DRINK: Café des Deux Moulinslive music on Thurs nites

15 Rue Lepic

Cafe des Deux Moulins
Cafe des Deux Moulins. PHOTO JETSET TIMES

The location famous for the film Amélie, Café des Deux Moulins sets the Vieux Montmartre ambiance by featuring live jazz band on every Thursday night. The tradition is so charming that it continues to attract locals just as it fascinates the internationals. Just as Amélie cracked the crème brûlée in the movie, you should order one. The food here is also not too shabby for a touristy hotspot.

DRINK: Terrass Hotel – rooftop bar

12-14 Rue Joseph de Maistre, 75018 Paris, France

Terrass Hotel
Facebook Terrass Hotel

There’s no shortage of rooftop bars in Paris, but THE place to go in Montmartre is the Terrass Hotel across the street from Montmartre Cemetery. The vibe is cool, and the crowd is stylish. On a sunny day, it’s difficult to grab a table. But there are tons of tables and a few bungalows to sit back and enjoy Paris in its panoramic glory while sipping down a cold glass of Chardonnay (or champ, if you’re truly French.)

DRINK: Le Gisou – wine bar

29 Rue Lepic

Facebook Gisou

Inside Hotel Lepic, and just a few minute away from Moulin Rouge by foot, Le Gisou is part of the boutique hotel and welcomes guests with a snug wine and tapas bar. The true gem here is the wine list, which is just as charming as the neighborhood. Check out nice bottles of Côte de Brouilly, La Demoiselle de Sigalas from Bordeaux, or Graves cuvée callipyge from the Rhône valley.

DRINK: Chez Camille – neighborhood bar

8 Rue Ravignan

Chez Camille
Facebook Chez Camille

Next to Chez Camille is the historical Le Bateau-Lavoir – a building where Picasso once worked. Hence, grabbing a drink at Chez Camille is more than a neighborhood experience. It’s extra alluring. The small wooden terrace is often a crowded smoking hub, inside is a chatty place filled with Montmartre locals. If you’re up for a truly Parisian scene that’s a bit artsy with a lot of curiosity, then grab a pint or a glass of Côte-du-Rhône right here.

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