How My Best Friend Plans A Wedding In A French Castle

Every girl dreams of having a wedding in a castle, especially in France.

Chateau du Plessis Brion

On a normal basis, a family lives at Château du Plessis Brion. Yes, it’s a French castle situated in Picardie province (an hour north of Paris by car.) This is also where my best friend is getting married this weekend.

Every girl dreams of having a wedding in a castle, especially in France. My friend Mathilde breaks down the process of how she plans a wedding to be somewhat traditional but infused with a vision which belongs to her and her fiance, Charles.

Château du Plessis Brion was an automatic choice, as she explains, “Because it’s a castle I’ve always known since I was a little girl growing up in Picardie. I’ve always dreamed of getting married in this particular one. Normally, this castle is neither for rent nor for hosting events. Because of a family friend, we’re able to use this space for our wedding.”

The interior of the château is full of deer heads and trophy hunting treasures – not exactly Mathilde’s taste, so she’ll be relying on the use of of lighting and rustic chic handmade candleholders to create the ambiance of her desire.

By respecting local artisan businesses, every aspect of the wedding touches upon the region’s culture.

“To me, it’s important to respect artisan businesses in the local area.” Mathilde says, “Ferme Brasserie Saint Rieul will be providing beer at the wedding and Famille Maclart’s all-natural Ferme des Charmettes fruit juicse are from Autheuil-en-Valois. We’ll be roasting a pig at the wedding from a local farmer. The cheese will come from my mother good friend Perrine who owns a cheese shop in Compiègne called La boîte à fromages. To go along with tea and coffee, our biscuits and cookies will be 100% natural, coming from La Pierre Qui Tourne where I work. Our wedding cake and dessert will be made by an artisan pastry chef at La Recette.”

With this approach, every artisan helping with the wedding has a sense of personal attachment to the event. The bride-to-be indicates:

People here in the region are incredibly nice Companies that I’ve spoken to are working closely with me to ensure I’m getting exactly what I need. When people hear that it’s for my wedding (instead of a company event,) they’re extremely kind and helpful.

For two months during summertime, the château is also a museum. But a family lives there on a daily basis, using the space as a home. What a life.

Organizing a wedding is no easy task, especially without hiring a wedding planner but relying on the participation of family and friends. As the wedding soon approaches, Mathilde isn’t stressed but extremely excited,

I’m looking at this as a huge soirée, a very special occasion for my friends and family to get together.

This is going to be one hell of a fête! Congrats, ma chérie!

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Have you ever attended a wedding in a French castle? Let us know in the comments.

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