5 Hidden Gems Worth Discovering In France

French towns worth the detour.

We all know the main coveted French cities when visiting France: Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille, Lille…etc. Even though these cities are wonderful, we chose to shine a light on five French towns that are as beautiful and historic, sadly, not as famous. These villages are as much part of France as any other.

1. Provins, Seine et Marne: Game of Thrones à la française

The town of Provins
The town of Provins. FACEBOOK Cité médiévale de Provins

How to get there:

Two options are available if you are coming from Paris. You can either drive there or take the train from Paris Gare de l’Est as it is only a 1H30 ride. Provins is a fairly compact town. You will not need a vehicle during your visit.

Medieval banquet in Provins
Medieval banquet in Provins. FACEBOOK Cité médiévale de Provins

This little town is worth the detour. Be prepared for a real journey back in time. Provins is listed as a World Heritage Site due to its medieval fortifications. As you are strolling through this enchanting town, you might as well be in the Middle Age. During the 12th and 13th century, Provins was famous for its Champagne Fairs, where people came from all over Europe to buy and sell anything. Nowadays, the little town has not lost its mediaeval charm. During the year, Provins is animated by its numerous events, including: the Medieval Fair in June, the Christmas market, and the overall shows performed throughout the year. This town is the perfect destination for any medieval fan, especially if you want to experience a banquet with troubadours or see an eagle hunt! We recommend staying for a weekend, however, it is not guaranteed that you will want to leave!

2. Grignan, Drôme: Mount St Michel (on grass)

Grignan and the lavender fields. FACEBOOK Château de Grignan
Grignan and the lavender fields. FACEBOOK Château de Grignan

How to get there:

To reach Grignan, we suggest driving there. Even though the village in itself can be done by foot, it is 10 km away from the nearest town. There is a lot to visit in the area.

The fortress in Grignan
The fortress in Grignan. FACEBOOK Château de Grignan

Located between Montelimar and Nyons, you cannot miss this little village. Proudly perched on the hills overlooking lavender fields, Grignan is the definition of a provincial town. Voted the 159th most beautiful village in France in 2019, it really deserves its rank. The town is gathered around the castle – hence its nickname – giving us a harmonious result. The castle – former fortress – is the biggest chateau of the Renaissance period in the southeast, however, good luck for the climb! Built around the 12th century, the château houses a spectacular collection of tapestries, furniture, and paintings. Grignan is home to many sites you have to visit, including: the fountain, the neo-Greek temple, the original fortress walls, and the old part of the village. Grignan is a combination of history, festivities, and incredible sites.

3. Aigues-Mortes, Gard: Between Land and Sea

Aigues-Mortes. FACEBOOK Aigues-Mortes

How get there:

Located in the south of France, near Montpellier, we recommend you drive there, especially if you want to visit the Camargue region. If you are coming from Montpellier, you can also take the train. The line Nîmes-Grau du Roi serves the village. This medieval beauty must be earned!

Aigues-Mortes landscapes
Aigues-Mortes landscapes. FACEBOOK Aigues-Mortes Tourisme

Aigues-Mortes is incredibly famous in the south of France for its fortress walls and towers. The whole village is located inside the fortress. Built under the rule of Louis 9th, the fortress walls extend over 1640 m², which constituted as an impenetrable fort at the time. Former military compound, this town is perfectly well-preserved and stands out by its Gothic architecture, gargoyles, and sculptures. Aside from its astonishing architecture, this town has the privilege of being located in the Camargue region. You can admire the beautiful and breathtaking landscapes from the top of the dungeons. Aigues-Mortes is unique in Europe for being situated between land and sea. At the heart of a wild yet peaceful nature, admire the 200 bird species, and the 208 plant species that develop in this particular area. After visiting this town, take the opportunity to go horseback riding on the beach or at the edge of the salt marshes.

4. L’ile-sur-la-Sorgue, Vaucluse : The Venise of France

Ile-sur-la-Sorgue. FACEBOOK Yulia Loseva

How to get there:

If you are coming from Paris, the quickest option is with a car. It is the perfect opportunity to do some sightseeing as beautiful landscapes will stand before you. There are no trains to Ile-sur-la-Sorgue, however, if you are coming from Avignon, you can either take the bus or rent a car.