Ladurée: The Perfect Combination Of Elegance & Taste

The Ladurée shop is so famous in fact, that over the years numerous traditions have developed.

(Originally published on September 14, 2012)

This savory sweet store is more than just America’s Ghirardelli or Sees; it is the essence of luxury and attention to detail. Upon walking in one is greeted with beautifully carved and painted ceilings, adornments on the wall, and other décor that makes it seem like less of a food store and more of a royal museum. Once the lines are conquered and the product displays can be seen it becomes even more amazing. The cards labeling each scrumptious looking item are hand written and decorated. Each piece of tiny chocolate has an extravagant holder. Together it is a sea of calories lined up waiting to be eaten and available in every color, flavor, type, and shape.

The Ladurée shop is so famous in fact, that over the years numerous traditions have developed. For example, the first time someone tries a dessert from Ladurée he or she must make a wish for the future. Another tradition is what the French call ‘King’s Cake’. Only available around the winter holiday season, a delicious cake is made with a tiny metal crown hidden somewhere inside of it. The person who gets the slice with the crown is said to have good luck for the coming new year. It is these types of traditions that make this company personal and world famous. Ladurée is not just an inclination for Parisians; it is a pastime and a part of tradition.

Ladurée is a must visit when roaming the streets of Paris. Whether it is for their famous macaroons, to see the careful decoration and adornment, or to make a wish for the future, do not pass it. Brave the lines and go inside. It will capture not only the stomach, but also the heart and eyes.

Written by Rachel Chenoweth.

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