3 Simple Tweaks To The Perfect Day In Paris

I went to Paris once. It was not a sweet-sun kissed endeavor; I did not sip coffee and brunch on baguettes, nor did I frolic along the River Seine. I did Paris wrong.


I did Paris wrong, but you can do Paris right if you strategically plan where you want to go. If you are short on time, I recommend savoring one or two outings, as opposed to attempting to experience everything in the city.

DO sip your coffee slowly. The Parisian café is a great snapshot of French culture. Life can be experienced through the appetite for variety and excitement, or simply the joy of a great cup of coffee – black or au lait. Paris cafes give you a great opportunity to experience them both. Given any morning or afternoon, one can sit by the sidewalk and learn a lot about human nature. Take your time here, let it all sink in. This is why you traveled half-way across the world, now live it. Keep your order uncomplicated, and order one dish at a time to give yourself a real chance to delight in it.

DON’T climb Notre-Dame de Paris. There is no doubt that Notre-Dame is an exquisitely beautiful cathedral, but the line to tour it is absurd. I waited in line for almost an hour, to climb what felt like one million and eight steps. I believe that is the definition of a lose-lose situation. If you aren’t especially invested in seeing this particular edifice, I would recommend using your time to explore one of Paris’ smaller historical churches.

DO kiss someone. After all, you are in Paris. Viva la France!

Sofia John

After living in Costa Rica for quite some time, Sofia developed a travel style that is "expect nothing, embrace everything." She loves Spain. When she travels, she can't live without...clean socks.

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