Eat, Drink & See Egypt’s Contempo Resort Town: El Gouna

El Gouna is a modern resort that compliments Egypt’s classic culture in unique ways.

Whether you’ve done your fair share of sightseeing or you simply want a break from the chaos of Cairo, El Gouna is a great place to visit during your trip to Egypt. Here’s our very simple but useful guide to to this alluring vacation destination.


El Gouna is located near Egypt’s Red Sea, southeast of Cairo. Thankfully, it isn’t a struggle to get there as there are various ways to do so. Though we don’t recommend it, there is a bus via Cairo that takes about 5-6 hours, and is around USD $30-40. You can also fly there from Cairo, which takes about an hour and is usually around 75 dollars. We recommend driving there with friends, as it only takes about four hours and makes for an extremely fun road trip.

El Gouna
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There are many hotels and resorts to choose from in El Gouna, from the Mövenpick to the Steigenberger Golf Resort. If you’re planning to go during a busy time of the year, however, try your best to reserve a room as early as possible as they do get booked very quickly. If you have a friend you can stay with, that would definitely be the easiest option.

Steigenberger Golf Resort El Gouna
FACEBOOK Steigenberger Golf Resort El Gouna


El Gouna is a tourist resort, it’s modern and relatively new dating back to only 1989, so don’t come here expecting to see historic monuments or rare sights. There is also an El Gouna Mosque, the Church of St. Mary and the Archangels, which is a Coptic Church. There are also a plethora of activities to do in El Gouna, such as: go karting, scuba diving, windsurfing … and more.

About El Gouna
FACEBOOK About El Gouna


El Gouna is home to perhaps some of the finest restaurants in all of Egypt. We recommend trying to get reservations at Pier 88, which houses European cuisine with seafood assortments. Located directly on the water, the scenery along with the food is incredible. If you want Mediterranean cuisine also with amazing seafood, Maritim is a great option.

PIER 88 Group


El Gouna is also known for its night life, as the Marina houses a plethora of bars and night clubs. The Bartender is a great place to start, with amazing drinks and just a really fun vibe. Many restaurants you end up going to will most likely have a wide array of drinks to choose from. If you’re able to come to El Gonna during New Years, it’s the experience of a lifetime.

Joey Gobran


A native of Egypt, Joey has spent the majority of his life living in Cairo, despite having lived in over three countries. He is passionate about writing and basketball.

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