4 Significant Egyptian Designers Should Be On Your Radar

These Egyptian designers combine intricate textiles with storytelling and contemporary perspectives. 

Most people travel to Egypt to see the humble beginnings of civilization; culture and history in its rawest form. With these local Egyptian designers, it is really easy to see Egypt’s infinite lines of narrative and heritage through many of its famous local designers.

1. Fufa

At the intersection of Ismail Mohamed. Right next to Fenoon 2 شارع طه حسين, Egypt


“To me, Fufa is very personal… it’s something I love, I’ve started the designs when I was 8 or 9  years old.”

Taking inspiration from her grandmother’s large collection of fabrics, Farah El Ashiry launched a brand she deems very personal, Fufa. At the time of its establishment, she knew little of garments and fabrics, yet had a certain passion that kept her going. “You’ll find that the garments are very simple, but the prints are one of a kind” she claims, as her style is described by many as bohemian.

2. Norine Farah

“I want to do what I think is beautiful.  Whoever wants to trust my taste does, and with time, it is catching on.”

Norine Farah
FACEBOOK Norine Farah

Born and raised in Alexandria, Norine Farah first studied hotel management and marketing in Milan before falling in love with fashion. She gets her inspiration from the beauty of patterns and colors of fabrics, and likes to make sure her designs aren’t traditional, as she doesn’t want “to accommodate the needs of the clients…” With a burning passion for all forms of art, it is truly her uniqueness that separates her styles from the rest.

3. Dina Shaker

Dina shaker. Egyptian designers
FACEBOOK Dina shaker

Also raised in Alexandria, in 1990, Shaker founded her first fashion brand “SPICY”, one of the first companies to utilize fully local Egyptian brands. Constantly inspired by various art forms, she wants her brand to allow women to recognize their strength and independence. Her collections are always brimming with personality and character, with items varying from dresses to trousers. Her fashion has been broadcasted and sold throughout the world, from Beirut to London.

4. Mohaned Kojak

3 El Saraya Al Kobra, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Kojak Studio. Egyptian designers
FACEBOOK Kojak Studio

Mohaned Kojak’s definition of fashion is more unique than your average designer’s, in that it is his outlet of interpreting the world around him. His work is a creative way of expression for both himself and the people wearing his clothing. At an early age, Kojak used to make clothing for dolls, which throws light on the fact that he is an artist before a designer. It is evident through the development of his work that he not only loves to challenge the industry around him, but seeks to challenge himself as well.

Joey Gobran


A native of Egypt, Joey has spent the majority of his life living in Cairo, despite having lived in over three countries. He is passionate about writing and basketball.

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