9 Copenhagen Neighborhoods: Breakdown MADE For Travelers

Get the 411 and reputation for these Copenhagen neighborhoods that may interest you for different reasons.

Amalienborg, Copenhagen
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The beauty of traveling in this alluring city is that most landmarks are within walking (or biking) distance. The neighborhoods are compact, unless you branch out to Greater Copenhagen regions. Below is a breakdown of Copenhagen neighborhoods that may interest you by reputation and must-see’s.

Indre By

Reputation: Inner City, or downtown.

411: Often referred to as Medieval City, this is one of the most historical Copenhagen neighborhoods where you’ll see famous landmarks and royal palaces. Did we mention, lots of shopping too? (wink)

Don’t miss: Amalienborg, City Hall, Rosenborg, the Botanical Garden, Charlottenborg, Design Museum DenmarkNationalmuseet, lots of other museums and alleys full of shops.

Rosenborg, Copenhagen
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Reputation: Christian’s Harbor & Freetown Christiania.

411: This area was filled with working class 300 years ago, but today it’s famous for beautiful and numerous canals. Freetown Christiania is located on the eastern part of this area, where you’ll definitely be stopping by to check out this fascinating anarchist culture.

Don’t miss: Freetown Christiania and Lille Mølle windmill.



Reputation: Western Bridge and trendy.

411: This hip residential area is where you’ll see lots of cute cafes and cool bars.

Don’t miss: The Carlsberg Museum and the Museum of Copenhagen.

Vesterbro Copenhagen
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Reputation: An upscale neighborhood.

411: Away from downtown Copenhagen, Frederiksberg was originally established surrounding the Frederiksberg Castle. Though you may feel this is a part of the city of Copenhagen, but the island is an independent municipality where you’ll encounter beautiful villas and lots of parks.

Don’t miss: Frederiksberg Palace, in addition to several museums and galleries.

Frederiksberg, Copenhagen
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Reputation: Northern Bridge, or Little Arabia.

411: This is known as the most multicultural area in Copenhagen with a large population of students and immigrants. Near Nørrebrogade, there’s even an area called “Little Arabia.”

Don’t miss: Quite a vibrant area, especially for its nightlife, you can come here for Middle Eastern cuisine or shopping for inexpensive clothing and jewelries.

Nørrebro, Copenhagen
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Reputation: Eastern Bridge. Home of the Little Mermaid.

411: This charming neighborhood isn’t as busy as downtown but it has one of the world’s most famous sights to welcome massive tourists. You’ll see many piers as the hub of ferries and cruise ships.

Don’t miss: The Little Mermaid, St. Alban’s Church, Gefion Fountain and Kastellet Citadel.

little mermaid, copenhagen
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Reputation: Home of Kastrup Airport.

411: Don’t underestimate this area that may seem far away from the hustle bustle of inner city. Because Copenhagen is growing fast, there are many new developments happening in Amager. So the next time you come, it’ll welcome you with a fresh face.

Amager, Copenhagen
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Reputation: The Whiskey belt.

411: This area is residential and quite well off. Most travelers probably won’t veer off to this area but there are still quite a few lovely sites for nature and history lovers, including: the world’s oldest amusement park and the world’s largest open-air museum.

Don’t miss: Dyrehavsbakken, Frilandsmuseet, and Mill River.

Lyngby, Copenhagen
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Reputation: Suburbs for campers and beach enthusiasts.

411: Another residential area where travelers most likely won’t venture to. But there is one museum in Vestegnen for your pleasure.

Don’t miss: Arken art museum, and Køge Bugt Strandpark white beaches.

ARKEN Museum for Moderne Kunst
FACEBOOK ARKEN Museum for Moderne Kunst

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