How THE Audo Is Cutting Edge With Functional Design

There are hotels which offer something completely unique from other properties in the same city, as well as from properties all around the world. The Audo is one such hotel property. Located in a blooming industrial district in Copenhagen, The Audo is a must-see shrine of effortless, impeccable design.

The concept of The Audo was born out of the idea of creating a hotel which functions as live-in showroom for artisanal furniture. It was always meant to be more than just a hotel. The Audo puts art, design and creativity at the forefront of its identity. “The Audo is an ever-changing yet always welcoming home for international individuals to collaborate, experiment and inspire one another.”

The Audo Terrace
The Audo Terrace. PHOTO NADIA CHO


The salon
The Audo Terrace
The Audo Terrace. PHOTO NADIA CHO


The Audo

The Audo is the brainchild of Bjarne Hansen, the founder and former CEO of the illustrious furniture design firm, MENU. MENU designs all of the furniture found in the rooms and spaces on the property (and the company’s headquarters also happens to share the same building). The Audo features a list of meticulously curated partners—many of them native to Denmark—each of which adds striking bespoke features created at the highest level of craftsmanship.

Dunes Room

The idea is that everything that guests find in the hotel including the furniture, linens, art, bathroom installations and even the floors and wall cabinets, can be used and bought. The Audo is a natural evolution of the concept of a showroom, in which guests can truly live and experience the product before bringing it home. As new products, partners and designs come into play, the elements inside the hotel are constantly changing, which is what keeps the hotel perpetually innovative.

Studio suite
Studio suite. PHOTO NADIA CHO


The Audo Library
The Audo Library. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Penthouse Suite
Penthouse Suite. PHOTO NADIA CHO


Red Clay room
Red Clay room. PHOTO NADIA CHO

The interiors of The Audo will make any contemporary design junkie swoon. The hotel embodies minimalist Scandi-chic design imbued with warmth, comfort and nature. Each of the ten immaculately-designed rooms has a unique color palette and theme inspired by a natural landscape. One room decorated in dusty orange earth tones is reminiscent of the dunes of Skagen, while another with slate grey and navy elicits a sleek lunar landscape. Everything placed inside the hotel is totally intentional. The comfort and intentionality of the space speak volumes to the transformational power of exceptional design on our lived experiences.

Dunes Room

The Audo also plays a fluid role within the larger community and the people who find their way there. The salon on the ground floor is an airy space where anyone is welcome to have breakfast or coffee and relax on comfy MENU furniture. Visitors are also welcome at the in-house restaurant, Kampot, which serves fresh, creative French-Southeast Asian plates. Upstairs, The Audo Library is a collaborative space for creators and designers. The library provides samples of textiles, prints, accents and other materials for designers to play with and use like a real-life mood board. In the concept shop, you will find all of the objects found throughout the property for sale. Whatever you feel like taking home, whether it be the Aiayu robes, Frama bath products or the ceramic pot on your coffee table, you can purchase it in the concept store.

Natural leather suite
Natural leather suite. PHOTO NADIA CHO


Penthouse Suite
Penthouse Suite. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Penthouse Suite
Penthouse Suite. PHOTO NADIA CHO


Lunar room

The Audo functions more like a residence than a hotel, which gives travelers more of the authentic, local experience they’re searching for. You won’t find traditional hotel services like 24-hour reception or room service. But that’s because the property is meant to be laidback and intimate rather than fussy. It’s not located in a touristy part of the city. The area of Arhusgade is a historic industrial area in the northern docklands which is currently being redeveloped. It’s still very quiet with a sprinkling of charming cafes, eateries and shops, with a lovely swimming spot nearby.

Granite room
Granite room. PHOTO NADIA CHO

If you’re looking for a dose of immaculate Scandi-chic design during your visit to Copenhagen, The Audo is exactly the hotel you’re looking for. The harmoniousness and intentionality behind every space are breathtaking. The Audo is a living, breathing showcase of cutting-edge, functional design, unlike anything you’ll experience elsewhere.

Kampot Restaurant
Kampot Restaurant. PHOTO NADIA CHO


Lunar Room
Forest room
Forest room. PHOTO NADIA CHO


Kampot Restauran
Kampot Restauran. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Concept store
Concept store. PHOTO NADIA CHO


Cliffs room
Cliffs room. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Audo Hotel


Cliffs room
Cliffs room. PHOTO NADIA CHO
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