Prague Travel Guide: 5 Essential Ways To Enjoy Your Time There

If you’re planning to visit Europe, make sure to add Prague on your list.

Prague Travel Guide

For decades, Paris has claimed many titles for being the prettiest city in Europe. However, for many travelers, Prague, the Czech’s capital city sitting at the heart of Europe, is an even prettier sight to behold. The city is full of ancient bridges, historical squares, pastel houses and perhaps the largest castles in the world.

If you’re planning to visit Europe, make sure to add Prague on your list. Here are some of the essential things you need to know to ensure the best experience in Prague!

1. The Time Of Visit

Prague Travel Guide

The best thing about Prague is that it’s good to visit throughout the year. You can enjoy every season in the city; during winter, Prague looks amazing under the magic of snow, whereas spring and autumn are very colorful, and the weather is not too cold. However, the city does get crowded, so, if you want to avoid the crowd, then spring and autumn may not be the best time for you to visit. And during the summer, the city is also, like most of the other European cities where it can be extremely crowded and very hot, which is typical of Europe during this time.

2. The Best Place to Stay

Prague Travel Guide

There are many worthwhile places you can stay in Prague, including lavish 4-star or 5-star hotels. Before booking your hotel make sure to read the reviews by other travelers. You can also get affordable and pretty accommodation within a quiet neighborhood, for example the Miss Sophie boutique hotel. If you want to cut accommodation cost, book a hostel like Clown and Bard Hostel. Many hostels will offer a variety of accommodation options for all budgets, including ensuite and shared facilities.

3. Travel To The Outskirts Of The City Center

Prague Travel Guide

There is no doubt that Prague’s Old Time is utterly gorgeous, but this is where most travelers typically spend most of their time and neglect the beautiful areas outside the city center. In fact, the lesser-known areas outside the city are where the true hidden gems lay, such as Jiřího z Poděbrad Square, which is an amazing place you can chill and relax at. There are numerous restaurants in the area worth checking out and lots of great cheap eats.

4. Currency Exchange

Be aware of currency exchange fraud in Prague. There are a few exchange offices, which claim to be offering a zero percent commission, but end up charging an exorbitant fee when you transact with them. There are also those offering a rate, which is often too good to believe. They end up giving old currency that may not be accepted anywhere. To be on the safe side, check out the Czech National bank website to be sure the notes you receive are in circulation. Additionally, a few locals recommend exchange in Kaprova. Avoid Euronet ATMs since their rate is horrible.

5. Travelers SIM Card

If you are traveling from any country within the EU, you don’t need to have a local SIM card. Your SIM card will work in Prague. If you still want to buy one, there are a few options such as Vodafone. Vodafone offers 10GB of data on one SIM card for USD$36 (CZK$800). The SIM card is valid for about 30 days. A good deal! You can get the SIM cards at the airport and supermarkets.

Prague is truly a beautiful city to visit. Make sure that you visit this Old and Medieval town. You can travel to Prague at any time of the year, be it during the summer, winter, or spring.

Article by Allen Brown.

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