Top 3 Online Tours Of Prague You Can Join Right Now 

Mitigate the risk of international travel during COVID by taking part in online tours of summer gardens, galleries, and historical landmarks presented by expert guides, all from the comfort (and safety) of your home!

It isn’t easy to commit to international travel plans nowadays, even if you are fully vaccinated. Many countries still cope with unstable COVID regulations, and the idea of traveling, among others, continues to be daunting to many. Yet if there is anything this pandemic has taught us, almost anything can be done online, something the city of Prague promotes on its tourism site. Here are three amazing online tours you can sign up for right now to discover and appreciate Czech culture in anticipation of safer travel conditions!

Letohrádky: Lusthausy v Praze / Summer Houses: Lusthauses in Prague

Summer Houses: Lusthauses in Prague
Photo by František Zelinka on Unsplash

Initially built for leisure, the construction of these buildings dates between the Classical and early Romantic eras (16th through 19th century). This tour takes you on a scenic walk through the vibrant summer gardens of Prague Castle.

Though the Castle itself was built in the 9th century, the first garden was founded in 1534 by King Ferdinand I. of Habsburg. It features – among other wonders – a plethora of exotic vegetation, a singing fountain, and even an astrological observatory! While the history itself is fascinating, the guided tour will also highlight the architectural and artistic features of the grounds. Available as soon as the 24th of June, it will provide English translation and student discounts. You can also take a free (unguided) virtual tour of the Prague Castle on its official website.

Zmizelá Praha / Hidden Prague 

Hidden Prague 
Photo by Kevin Andre on Unsplash

Many European capital cities have an Old Town, where one can find some of the city’s first structures. Since Prague dates back to the 9th century, many remnants remain, including Charles Bridge and Old Town Square, where you can find the oldest operating Astronomical Clock (installed in 1410). The economic development following WWI, however, hid much of Prague’s smaller wonders. PhDr. Jaroslava Nováková guides you on a historical exploration of these locations, comparing illustrations and photos of old Prague to today’s sprawling city. The tour will be available by the 17th of June here, perfect for anyone eager to discover the secrets of Prague!

Vyšehradský hřbitov, poslední místo odpočinku českých velikánů / Vyšehrad Cemetery, the Last Resting Place of Czech Giants

Vyšehrad Cemetery, the Last Resting Place of Czech Giants
Image by Maria_Domnina from Pixabay

National pride is essential to the Czech people, passionately holding close to them the most significant productions of their country. Shrouded in mystery and folklore, Vysehrad Castle is thought to have been built in the 10th century. It contains fascinating architecture, ruins, and artistic monuments; however, many consider the Castle’s most important section to be the Vysehrad Cemetery. A resting place for outstanding Czech personalities, locals often leave flowers at the graves and tombs of famous composers, painters, writers, and even soccer players. This tour will give you a profound understanding of the Czech Republic’s deep culture and history.

Tom is half Czech and spent much of his childhood with his grandparents in the Czech Republic.

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

Thomas Benko

Content Editor Associate

Tom was born and raised in Hungary by a multi-cultural family, he has spent much of his life traveling in different countries. Tom is obsessed with culture-specific art and cuisine, his favorite place to visit is Pilsen, Czech Republic, as he considers it his second home, a place filled with cultural minutia. In his spare time, Tom likes to study music and paint, and trains to be a volunteer firefighter.

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