Top 10 Sights In Prague On The Royal Route Walking Tour In 2 Minutes

The beautiful baroque buildings, Gothic churches, rich hearty food, and of course the beer.

I was thrilled when I booked my plane ticket to visit Prague, I could finally check that box off the “places to go” list. If you’ve never been I’m sure you’ve heard all about it – the beautiful baroque buildings, Gothic churches, rich hearty food, and of course the beer.

It’s affordable, easy to navigate, and you don’t need to speak Czech. For me, the best part was all the beautiful architecture and history.

I was really excited to walk the Royal Route. It is said to be the route taken by Czech rulers on their way to coronation in the Prague Castle, as well as other prominent guests. The first coronation of the Czech king was in 1086! I took the popular Royal walking tour by downloading an app called Smart Guide to my phone rather than joining a tour group. You can get free tours for a lot of cities through that app. It simply used my GPS location to automatically play the next segment of the tour as I strolled along the city streets. I really loved doing this, as it gave me the freedom to take as much time as I wanted, and even stop for lunch and pop into a souvenir store or two.

Although I felt that this city lacked excitement and adventure, it’s still a beautiful place to see. I wouldn’t recommend spending all your vacation time here, it’s definitely a stop on a bigger itinerary. That being said, you should make the effort to pay it a short visit. As I moved through each stop I took in the splendor of the city.  Every street is literally picture perfect. Of course, I highly recommend visiting Prague when the weather is warm and it’s not peak tourist season (it can get quite busy during the summer months).

Until you go and see it for yourself, I will share with you my favorite sights from the Royal tour!

Here is a list of my top 10 sights along the Royal Route Walking Tour. Enjoy the vlog and also, comment below if there was a favorite sight of yours in Prague that one must visit.

  1. The Powder Tower (and municipal house)
  2. Storch Publishing House
  3. The Old Town Square
  4. The Astronomical Clock (sorry guys it was under construction when I was there)
  5.  The Little Square
  6. Clam-callas Palace
  7. Clementinum
  8. Charles Bridge with the old towers and statues (touching the falling priest on the statue of John of Nepomuk is good luck)
  9. Neredova Street
  10. Prague Castle and St Vitus Cathedral
The little shops were full of colorful trinkets. PHOTO Denise Poole


Wander the streets and enjoy the Prague city views! PHOTO Denise Poole


The Old Town Square is a beautiful place to rest your feet and people watch. PHOTO Denise Poole


This is another pic of the town square. PHOTO Denise Poole


The Astronomical Clock is amazing to see. Although it was under construction while I was there, it was still beautiful! PHOTO Denise Poole


City tours in old vintage cars from the 1920’s and 30’s are one of the main tourist attractions. PHOTO Denise Poole


The food was delicious! Many restaurants offer prix fixe menus for a great price. Try the goulash and dumplings. PHOTO Denise Poole

Denise Poole

Contributor, JST SHOP Vendor

Denise is an actress, entrepreneur, traveler & writer for Jetset Times. She lives to create and enjoy the moment, and loves the beach, food, friends and fashion.

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