Top Holiday Foods You Have To Try In Prague

Holiday foods are all about a feeling of warmth, kindness, and love.

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There are lights everywhere, music in the air, and the hustle and bustle of individuals raiding stores to find that perfect present. One of the most important parts, however, is all the delicious holiday foods that appears specifically during the season! Here are the top five holiday treats you must try in Prague:

1. Svařák

As the winter approaches, Prague is known for getting frosty. So what better way to warm yourself up then trying some hot wine? It can be found in multiple Christmas market stands and is a great way to try local wines. A myriad of different wines can be found all with added spices and warmth that makes you feel like you are sitting in front of a fireplace.

2. Trdelník

One of the few foods that is almost equally enjoyable to watch being made as it is to being eaten. This pastry is a combination of crispy dough, cinnamon, sugar, nuts, and the occasional spread of Nutella. It is completely hollow on the inside. Imagine a tube made out of heavenly pastry goodness. In order to form its unique shape, the dough is rolled into a long string and then wrapped around a huge cylinder. This cylinder is spun around an open fire, creating a perfectly crisp outside and a soft bready inside.


3. Kolache

This can be found in numerous bakeries and markets throughout the season. Imagine it as a dessert pizza. It has a thin crust of delicious fluffy dough, but instead of tomato sauce and cheese, there is a fruit spread and sugar. To feel more like a local, try it with the very common poppy seed filling or figs.

4. Vánočka

A traditional sweet bread that combines the fluffy rich texture of challah with lemon zest, raisins and almonds. It is said that the bread is braided to resemble a sculpture of baby Jesus wrapped in cloth and lying in a manger. It is the center of many other folk tales, such as the baker having to jump up and down while the dough rises. Whatever the case, this is a definite must-have and makes a delicious breakfast.


5. Knedliky

Warm with a touch of melted butter and powdered sugar, Knedliky is the only thing you need to make a bad day instantaneously a good day. It has a soft doughy outside that perfectly soaks up the butter sugar topping. Then, when you cut into it, there is an explosion of fresh warm fruit flavoring delights your taste buds. A warning though: the local bakers may use a whole plum or fig, so there will be seeds in the middle of your dumpling. Try your very best not to swallow it in one bite.

Article by Christina Singh.

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