8 Cool Bars In Prague For A Super Fun Night

An absinthe bar, speakeasies, cocktail lounges, and an art gallery intersect with underground concerts.

The bar scene in Prague varies depending on what you’re looking for. There are tons of beer halls for Pilsner lovers and a plethora of night clubs for Europeans throwing stag (bachelor) parties. On this list, we’re featuring a mix of famous hotpots beloved by travelers (and us) during recent years, and a few off the beaten path hidden gems recommended by our local friends. Na zdraví!

Absintheriebest absinthe bar

Neighborhood: Prague 1

Absintherie. PHOTO Jetset Times

Absintherie is probably our favorite bar in Prague, because when in Prague you need to try absinthe. There are several locations in the city, but we highly recommend the one in Jilska where the ambiance is vibrant and far more lively. The most popular absinthe on the menu are: macerated and distilled. If you opt for macerated absinthe, then go for Beetle or King of Spirits, both contain 70% alcohol and prepared on fire over melted sugar cubes. Distilled absinthe is catered to licorice lovers and experienced absinthe drinkers. The bar showcases more than 100 types of absinthe for you to try as it aims to demystify the stigma and superstitions behind absinthe which was indulged by artists including: Hemingway, Van Gogh, and Oscar Wilde.

AnonymouS Barhip hotspot

Neighborhood: Prague 1

AnonymouS Bar
Facebook AnonymouS Bar

If you want a cool speakeasy with a great cocktail menu and a music playlist that appeals to everyone in the room, head over to AnonymouS. The mascot of the bar is Guy Fawkes in a cryptic mask, an homage to the movie V For Vendetta. AnonymouS’ crafty cocktails stay true to the art and science of mixology. Fun, tasty, and thoughtfully executed. There might be a line outside but once you grab a seat, you’ll soon realize that the vibe isn’t at all pretentious. In fact, the staff is welcoming and the crowd is a great mix of locals and internationals.

Hemingway Barclassic lounge

Neighborhood: Prague 1


There are many bars around the world inspired by the great Ernest Hemingway, but the one in Prague remains to be a fan favorite well after years of the city’s rising cocktail bar scene. This classic lounge bar offers all that the famous writer adored: absinthe, rum, and champagne. Since it’s one of the most popular bars in town, you’ll need to make a reservation before 9 p.m. They only take walk-ins after 9, so opt for an uncongested week night to enjoy this beautiful space which has stood the test of time.

Bar and Books stylish whiskey bar

Neighborhood: Prague 1

Bar and Books Prague
Facebook Bar and Books Prague

After visiting Strahov Monastery’s glorious library during the day, it’s only appropriate to find a bar that sticks close to the theme of books. Check out Bar and Books where you can sample some of best whiskeys while soaking in the elegance of colonial-style designs. Leather seats, wooden stools, a copper bar that stretches along sparkling bottles of high-end brands, all you’re missing is a stash of cigars. Wait, those are available here. If whiskey isn’t your favorite, there are other delightful options on the menu as well.

Black Angel’s Bar1930’s speakeasy

Neighborhood: Prague 1

Black Angeľs Bar Prague
Facebook Black Angeľs Bar Prague

Situated in the basement of Hotel U Prince is Black Angel’s, highly recommended by locals who love a beautiful crowd and delicious drinks. Setting the intimate vibes are black and white films playing in the background, and Gothic stone walls behind an angel statue. Check out their collections of tiki drinks making a splashy comeback, a very dangerous Angel’s Iced Tea, and a signature cigar menu. If you’re looking for a sophisticated mood with a friendly staff who really understands mixology, this throwback to the American Prohibition era is it.

Biergarten Letna-Schlösschenoutdoor beer garden

Neighborhood: Prague 7

Letenský zámeček
Facebook Letenský zámeček

A stroll through Letna park is a definite must-do in Prague, especially for an epic view of the city. After a refreshing walk, sit down with a cheap pint of Pilsner at the park’s famous biergarten. Since Czech consume the most beer per capita in the world, why not gulp one down with a breathtaking landscape of red roofs and Vltava River. If you’re not a big beer drinker, the biergarten also serves wine and hard alcohol accompanied by meat dishes and fries as snacks. Since the bench area is family and kid-friendly with a playground nearby, you’re more than welcome to bring your own food to create an afternoon picnic.

Na břehu Rhônyself-service wine bar 

Neighborhood: multiple locations

Na břehu Rhôny
Facebook Na břehu Rhôny

Craving for great wines that don’t cost an arm and a leg? Head to Na břehu Rhôny. This self-service wine bar is casual with lovely collections of French wines (many are from the Rhône Valley.) Walk up to three different closets labeled: red, rosé, white. Grab an empty glass, choose the kind of wine you’d like to taste, pour from the box, write down on a piece of paper the kind of wine you chose and the size of your glass. At the end of the night, that paper is your bill. Boxed wine has never been this fun after college days.

Café V Leseart gallery meets underground concerts

Neighborhood: Prague 2

Café V lese
Facebook Café V lese

Café V Lese is aimed to create a space where people come together with artistic inspiration. In addition to a retro-cool bar, the underground space often holds concerts while the back room features temporary exhibitions. Almost everyday there’s an event at the café, captivating hipsters who want to drink and have a great time in an artistic spot. Try their beer on tap, the bar spotlights Regent from the town of Třeboň with other small Czech microbrews that also on tap at a constantly changing pace.

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