Veg Out! 4 Seriously Delicious Vegetarian Restaurants In Prague

This list contains places that cook Czech food.

Estrella restaurant vegetarian Prague

Traveling as a vegetarian is not as easy as it looks. Especially in Europe, where most countries pride their culinary traditions on meat-heavy dishes. On the other hand, there has been a recent rise in modern vegetarian restaurants all over the world, ones that strive to reflect contemporary takes on traditional cuisines by using fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Prague, for example, is a city known for its meaty and mouthwatering Czech goulash. That’s a lot of braised meat, gooey sauce. It’s fantastically delicious! For a vegetarian, though, that’s definitely not gonna happen. So here are four top-notch vegetarian restaurants to fulfill your needs and satiate your palate at the same time.

Please note: many vegetarian restaurants in Prague focus on Indian, Chinese or Vietnamese cuisines. And that’s all great, but this list contains places that cook Czech food. After all, you’re in Prague to taste its flavors, right?

1. Moment

In the more residential Vinohrody neighborhood, Moment was opened in 2013. The cozy bistro makes its own ice cream and lemonade, in addition to serving all kinds of delish cakes and sweets! They also have a great brunch completely made from local ingredients.

Moment Vegetarian restaurant prague

2. Clear Head – Lehka Hlava

Lehka Hlava – Clear Head is located at south of Charles Bridge and Stare Mesto metro stop. For serious vegans, they don’t use eggs here! Lehk Hlava – Clear Head is a modern take on vegetarian cuisine with lovely soups, salads, pastas and refreshing juices. The decor is unique, as if you’re in a completely different realm with dimmed blues and poppy oranges and…a fish tank!

Lehka Hlava - Clear Head Vegetarian Restaurant Prague

3. Mlsna Kavka

For any traveler, the best part about entering a restaurant is knowing that at least one person there speaks English. And this will definitely be taken care of at Mlsna Kavka. It’s not located exactly in the downtown area, but Mlsna Kavka is a great veggie choice which offers local ingredients, fair trade coffee, tap beer and lots of it!

Mlsna Kavka Prague Vegetarian Restaurant

4. Estrella

A charming little nook right in central Prague! Estrella changes its menu according to seasons and uses local ingredients to create contemporary spins on Czech cuisines that locals are accustomed to. What you want as a traveler is the ability to taste local dishes without sacrificing the vegetarian in you. Estrella is a top choice for that!

Estrella Prague Vegetarian Restaurant

Wendy Hung


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