4 Of The Best Beach Clubs For Every Kind Of Traveler In Hvar

Instead of bar hopping, we’re going beach club hopping in Hvar.

While in Hvar, soaking up the sun or partying ’til dawn at a beach club is a must. The famous Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea is known for its vibrant nightlife. Instead of barhopping, the best way to get the party going is at numerous beach clubs, and each exudes different vibes and crowds. Here’s a breakdown in alphabetical order, so you can select whichever ambiance that may suit your style.

Beach Club Hvar

A much more upscale atmosphere than the rest is Beach Club Hvar which is also the most expensive at 325 kunas for a sun bed and a table. If you speak luxury, then this place is MADE for you. Much quieter, far more exclusive than the rest. 325 kunas only gets you the bed, if you order cocktails, smoothies or any food in its restaurant then you’ll need to spend extra.

Insider Tip! To get your money’s worth, then arrive right before noon and you can stay until 6 p.m. when the beach area closes. By then, you can move over to the lounge bar area for a sunset cocktail.

Carpe Diem

Riva 32, 21450, Hvar, Croatia (map, website)

Probably the most famous club in Hvar has a bar that’s right on the port (next to the restaurant Gariful). During the day, especially during theme weeks such as Yacht Week, Carpe Diem’s speakers are pumped up so loud the entire marina can’t ignore the drunken crowd. The MIP (most important person) section is frequented by the likes of Prince Harry, Jay-Z and Beyonce. When midnight – 1 a.m. strikes, there’s a ferry which takes the party to Carpe Diem island, where things get REAL. Real crazy, that is. Imagine St. Tropez and Ibiza combined with renowned DJs, white lounges and dipping in the pool at 4 a.m. You’re a serious partyer? This is where you’ve gotta be.

Insider Tip! If you don’t want to party all night long, and don’t want to be stuck on the island, make sure there are water taxis around to get you back on Hvar island.

Hula Hula

Ul. Vlade Avelinija 10, Hvar, Croatia (map, website)

Parties at Hula Hula start early. During the day, you can rent a beach bed for 100 kuna. You can soak in the sun while drinking beer and feast on food. At night, this place gets wild. Imagine a really loud and festive fraternity party. Show up in your bikini all day long, and mesh with the friendly folks. If Animal House is your vibe, Hula Hula won’t disappoint.

Insider Tip! Get there at sunset so you can check out the beautiful view when the nightlife crowd starts to roll in.

Laganini Lounge Bar & Fish House

Palmižana 33, 21450, Hvar, Croatia (map, website)

Laganini Lounge is another trendy spot that’s going to cost you. It’s perfect if you’re already planning on renting a boat to island hop, and this can be the perfect lunch or dinner place followed by drinks accompanied by dance music. The menu here is expensive, lobsters will go for 1177 kuna/ kilo, and the average price for a meal is around 700 kuna. If you’re traveling on the cheap, this isn’t where you should be. But if you love chic and luxury, spending a few hours here is totally ideal.

Insider Tip! Situated NOT on Hvar island, but on Palmizana instead, means you’ll need to take a boat or water taxi there.

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