Dubrovnik’s Lookbook: A City Of Stone & Light

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There’s a reason why the city welcomes 10K visitors a day, this is Dubrovnik’s decade.

Within Dubrovnik’s Old Walls lies secrets from the Medieval times, bloodshed from the Croatian War of Independence. Today, the backdrop to Game of Thrones is adorned with animated footsteps eager to explore hidden alleyways. Gothic architecture along the southern part of Adriatic Sea is more bustling than ever. Despite welcoming 10,000 visitors a day upon its mere 1.2-mile circumference, this City of Stone and Light illuminates with limitless cafes, stylish restaurants and bars.

Day trips to Bosnia or Montenegro are easy to do from Dubrovnik, the drive along Dalmatia is one sapphire sight along water blue as denim.

Dubrovnik’s charm lies in the spirit of its people. There’s a thrilling entrepreneurial spirit. Hospitality business owners ensure travelers leave the city with unforgettable memories. Folks continue to come back, allowing young entrepreneurs to expand from owning restaurants to bars, driving Uber to managing cafes. Much of such enthusiastic determination derives from Croatian War of Independence’s aftermath. Families remain in the scars of carnage. Now that Dubrovnik is on the rise, locals thrive on the chance to build better lives and live in the present.

Dubrovnik Old Town

Wendy Hung


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