Stay Somewhere Different In Croatia, Why Not Glamp In A Tipi?

Turist Grabovac, a resort and a home to six large tipi tents.


When I was in high school, nothing made me more uncomfortable than the 3-day school camp scheduled every year. I absolutely hated everything about it, being away from home, out in nature, camp food and the extra curricular activities that I had no interest in. Why would I want to sit in a harness and swing from one end of the bush to another? This was far from my idea of fun.

Fast forward a decade and a half, here I am nearing my 30th birthday and looking for adventures, any type of adventure outside, as long as I’m not at home. Traveling has become the focal point of my life and nothing excites me more than knowing I’m adding another city to my passport. As the years have passed, my emphasis on accommodation with a difference has intensified. I no longer care about the Hilton Hotels of the world, I care about places with a “wow” factor, a touch of difference. Anyone can stay in an ordinary room but how many can say that they glamped in a tipi?




What is Glamping? Simply put, adding the glamour to traditional camping. Still don’t understand? According to, glamping is,

A way to experience the outdoors without sacrificing luxury and ideal for travelers who want to experience the positive aspects of camping without the uncomfortable negatives.

Glamping is a growing trend in ways to travel. Perhaps this is the perfect way for me to get over my fear of “sleeping outdoors.”




I first came across this style of accommodation by accident while traveling through Croatia at Turist Grabovac, a resort located 8km away from the famous UNESCO Heritage listed Plitvice Lakes National Park. While the resort caters to any type of traveler, whether you’re looking for a campsite, caravan park, apartment or 4-star mobile home, it’s newly established main attraction is the Indian Village. Home to six large tipi tents and close to all the resort’s amenities (such as: communal pool area, bar and children’s playground,) the tipis are a bespoke form of accommodation, ideal for a night under the stars, or close enough.


I am certain that these tipis are often underestimated because inside they are generous in size with four single beds that also outline the space with a modern desk in the middle. All tipis have wooden floorboards and are securely locked with a key. The only downside is that the bathroom is not located inside the tipi but a short walk close by.

What are your thoughts about glamping? Would you consider switching from your usual hotel and sleeping in a modern tipi for a night?

Turist Grabovac – Tipi Tents cost 100€/night

TEL +385 47 784 192, FAX +385 47 784 189. E-MAIL: INFO@KAMP-TURIST.HR

GRABOVAC 102, 47245 Rakovica

Adriana Kupresak

Adriana calls Croatia home, but her favorite city is no doubt Barcelona. Her travel style is a "connoisseur of new experiences, minimalist, no fuss and often with a hint of luxury." She can never travel without her camera.

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