7 Croatian Fashion Designer Boutiques Where You Should Shop

Croatian fashion takes influences from neighboring Mediterranean countries with may boutiques located in Zagreb.

Croatia is a fashion forward country if you’ve ever seen one. Taking some inspiration from their Italian neighbors and adding their own twist, Croatian fashion designers are consistently merging different textures and styles while still keeping it classy. High fashion and independent designers are gaining traction locally and worldwide, so here’s a quick list of Croatian designers to shop from!

1. Lokomotiva World

Jurkoviceva ulica 22, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

FACEBOOK Lokomotiva

The unique and inspiring designs of Lana Puljić and Luka Grubišić created Lokomotiva World. This edgy brand is full of flowy and frilly dresses mixed with alternative accents and colors. If you’re looking for some statement pieces, look no further!

2. Viljevac

Dežmanova ul. 4, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Diana Viljevac
FACEBOOK Diana Viljevac 

Diana Viljevac, creator of Viljevac brings us a taste of elite Croatian fashion. Viljevac particularly focuses on high quality bags and dresses. Each season, a new color palette is released with a line of clothes to match. Viljevac consistently focuses on feminine and timeless cuts and designs that highlight the beauty of being a woman. Viljevac is definitely setting modern trends year to year.

3. LP design

Petrinjska ul. 31, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

LP Design

LP design, by Petra Lasić, features modern designs in a neutral color palette. These versatile designs are known for their quality fabric and simple look. Because of the simpler colors, LP design has a greater variety of shapes and makes clothes and accessories you can wear again and again without ever out of style.

4. Zozoli


Zozoli takes vintage styles and adds a futuristic feel to each piece. Behind the brand is costume designer Ivana Zozoli Vargović, whose experience is evident in Zozoli’s delicate tops.

5. Croata

Oktogon, Ilica 5, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia


Croata specializes in ties, scarves, handkerchiefs, and many more beautiful accessories. As mentioned on their website, the founding idea behind Croata comes from Croatia’s long history with ties, as they were worn by Croatian soldiers in the Thirty Years’ War. This ‘Croatian Style’ of wearing a tie spread throughout Europe and eventually the world! Croata’s designs pay homage to this history while keeping up with modern trends.


Hrvojeva 10, 21000, Split, Croatia

By Lyna
INSTAGRAM @bylynasplit

BY LYNA offers fun patterned designs for anyone looking to add a little pop of color to their wardrobe. They also source designs from other brands.


Masarykova street 23, Zagreb, Croatia

INSTAGRAM @fasada.studio

FASADA puts a spin on minimalistic fashion. This brand focuses on long-lasting looks rather than trends and blends simple patterns with elegant and unique silhouettes. All the pieces are hand sewn and produced in-house.

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