Cartagena de las Indias: Casino Entertainment At Its Best

Cartagena is a strange but unique blend of the old and new.


The charm of Cartagena lies in the right blend of everything that makes a colorful, peaceful city. The street life, Caribbean cuisine, fresh fish and fruit, beaches and pleasant weather all combine to make it a perfect tourist destination.

Located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, the city is best with pleasant weather. With the days of the drug war becoming memories, the beautiful city becomes a perfect getaway for Canadians to escape the harsh cold of the winter.

Cartagena is a strange but unique blend of the old and new. The destinations for most Canadians are the Old Town and Bocagrande. As already revealed, the old Town is filled with 16th-century ancient Spanish colonial architecture, with a splash of corner shops, restaurants, hotels, boutiques, etc. The Northern part of the city contrasts with the downtown, housing the educational bodies, airport, businesses, including entertainment.

With several entertainment options available for visitors in Cartagena, it is the choice of Canadians and Americans to play casino games. Upsettingly, this year’s global crisis has brought most activities in the bubbling streets to a temporary halt, including the lively casino scene. Canadian who love visiting the walled city for gaming entertainment and other fun have to wait for the normality to fully return.

How casino customers are getting by

As businesses and tourism are restricted globally as well as locally in Cartagena, the casino in particular, is missing the patronage of their high staking US and Canadian tourists. They are also waiting in anticipation for normality to resume.

For the time being, Canadians are limited to their home country and are getting their entertainment fix elsewhere. Available data shows top online casinos were experiencing a remarkable spike in popularity and activities through the months of lockdown and beyond in Canada. Many new players now see the convenience, availability of a vast gambling market, numerous payment options, among other benefits.

Furthermore, gambling companies realize opportunities in the Canadian gambling market. Motivated by the new opportunities, the top websites from foreign countries are tailoring their services to meet both their gambling and entertainment needs. Services such as smooth and secured payment options, targeted and exciting bonuses, customer services, traditional games are targeted at Canadian players.

List of Casinos in Cartagena

A visitor planning on getting pure entertainment and unforgettable Sensation from the gaming table and other casino game categories are in for a great treat. The walled city provides enough choices for casino players to try their luck in a great atmosphere after the restrictions come to an end.

Rio casino is one of the top casinos in the city. The 13,000 square foot casino floor packs 105 slot machines, 10 table games, one poker table, and a restaurant are specially located in a spectacular Avenue San Martin. The games at the gaming table at Rio casino include roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker and other contemporary casino games. It also has one of the biggest progressive jackpots in the city casinos.

Another top casino in Cartagena is Sun Nao Casino. Situated on the second floor of Mall Nao Fun and Complex in the clear view of the ocean, it combines the Cartagena atmosphere with casino entertainment. The overall entertaining casino experience is heightened by music, live performance, restaurants and other side attractions. The 3,200 sqm casino floor and extending Prive lounge is equipped with a total of 242 slots, 21 tables and an entertainment lounge.

Located in the northern part of the city, Bocagrande, to be precise, Masters Royale Casino provides gambling opportunities for both Colombians and tourists. Popular games such as slots and table games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, etc. are available. The casino offers a progressive jackpot, daily offers and other attractive prizes for casino players. Close to the bar is Lucky rabbit restaurant, which serves different kinds of dishes from international two traditional Caribbean dishes and good music to go along with it.

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