Top 5 Bars In Bogotá You Will Love

Recommendations from a local who knows what’s cool in Bogotá.

Nicole Lolo Chotona
PHOTO: NICOLE MCLENNAN, Creator of Lolo & Chatona.

I was born in Colombia, but I was fortunate enough to have traveled around a lot from a young age. My family was relocated to different parts of the world constantly, which gave me an opportunity to not only see beautiful places, but also experience what life is really like in different countries. It’s no secret that traveling and broadening your cultural experiences can add immense value to your life – meeting new people and taking yourself our of your comfort zone can enrich your perspective of this wonderful world we live in. I also love being able to take a little bit of my own country, culture and customs that are a part of me wherever I go, because partaking in multicultural exchange is a two way street! And so, here are my top five bars in Bogotá every traveler should hit up!

1. El Coq

Calle 84 #14-02, Bogotá, Colombia (map, website)

El Coq is heaven for electronic music lovers with discerning taste buds. Their cocktails are served with fresh ingredients and only the best liquor. But what’s really impressive about this place is the décor – a cross between a Spanish villa and French country house. Lots of wood beams, beautifully aged wallpaper, plush couches and the lighting is on point – it all comes together to create the perfect atmosphere to see you into the night. Not to mention, it’s great central location on 84th Street.

Facebook Johnny De Coq
Facebook/Johnny De Coq 

2. Andrés Carne de Res (Chia location)

Calle 3 #11A-56, Chía, Cundinamarca, Colombia (map, website)

This is just on the outskirts of Bogotá, and although this is a destination where you will find fairly few tourists – it’s for good reason. Andrés Carne de Res is an iconic venue for food, drinks and parties. It’s a wild combination of everything that’s great about Colombia, so many of us locals take our guests to experience this at least once. It’s a bit of a trek from the city, but worth every second of it. There’s also one in Bogota on 82nd Street, but it doesn’t quite compare to the original in Chía.

3. Bistro El Bandido

Calle 79b #7-12, Bogotá, Colombia (map, website)

If you want excellent food, an even better selection of wines and great service, then Bistro El Bandido is where you need to be! Eclectic interiors coupled with brilliant live music make for a great atmosphere. This is a must-visit if you’re ever in Bogota.

Facebook El Bandido Bistro
Facebook/El Bandido Bistro


Calle 69a #5-36, Bogotá, Colombia (map, website)

It’s a little bit of the orient in Bogotá. They serve delicious pan-Asian bites, complemented by an extensive and yummy cocktail list. There’s a great resident DJ if you want to stay there throughout the evening.

Bogota Colombia bar
Photo: Kong

5. Pravda

Calle 83 #12-24, Bogotá, Colombia (map, website)

Pravda has THE best martinis in town! The selection is incredible and they are delicious, especially the lychee one. The ambiance is ideal to sit and enjoy a cocktail at length with a few friends; and if you’re feeling peckish, their small plates are delectable. A great central location in the T-Zone, Pravda is ideal if you want to go out partying after a couple of drinks (beware, these cocktails are not for the faint hearted!)

Article written by NICOLE MCLENNAN, Creator of Lolo & Chatona.

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