SEE: Top 5 Must-Do’s In Wuzhen

Wuzhen, aka: Water Town, is a wanderer’s dream and a history buff’s paradise.

Wuzhen, China.

It’s no surprise this six-district town, enhanced by primitive ways and vintage passageways, is now a popular tourist destination among international travelers and local Chinese. NOTE: Avoid Wuzhen on ANY Chinese national holidays, unless all you want to see is a sea of folks.

Two days in this vintage town, it soon became my favorite in China! Of course, I had to share it with anyone who hasn’t heard about it or everyone who has been dying to visit.

Comprised by six districts preserving cultures of food and beverage, traditional dwelling houses, townships, local boutiques and stores; Wuzhen, aka: Water Town, is a wanderer’s dream and a history buff’s paradise.

Wuzhen, China
PHOTO Wendy Hung

If you find yourself in Shanghai, Suzhou or Hanzhou in China, I beg of you to book a one-night stay in Wuzhen. Reserve a room with a window by the canal, and you’re guaranteed to indulge in the ultimate rustic chic with these 5 must-do’s.

PS. Wuzhen is so small that some locations below do not have addresses listed, but you’ll be able to find them as long as you stroll through the alleys.

1. Try foods you’ve never seen.

Afternoon snacking, evening snacking, and especially late night snacking (sense a pattern?) is the norm in Wuzhen. What else are you supposed to do when you’re walking so much and the streets smell so…well, tasty! Please try as many different types of foods as you can, particularly the ones you don’t recognize. I love a hot crispy baked-sesame-cake. But you should venture in anything that doesn’t look familiar, you might just be deliciously surprised!

Wuzhen, China food
PHOTO Wendy Hung

2. Drink plum juice in a vintage tea salon.

Sounds weird, right? It’s actually extremely sweet and yummy. The owners brew bags of plums for hours, then she serves the hot juice as plum tea. It’s the coziest cup you can have on a cold winter night! Sip it in a vintage tea salon, and here’s the perfect reason to check out Chinese memorabilia displayed on the walls.

Wuzhen, China tea salon
PHOTO Wendy Hung

3. Connect to free Wi-Fi.

It’s a traveler must, if you’re addicted to your phone like I am. Getting Wi-Fi in China isn’t an easy task as many social media platforms are blocked (SEE ALSO: The Best Free VPN App You Should Download In China.) But find a tourist center in Wuzhen, then show your passport and you’ll soon be handed with a free password as a registered guest. Welcome to the 21st century!

Wuzhen, China wi-fi
PHOTO Wendy Hung

4. Collect an “oil paper umbrella.”

What is it, you may ask. These gems are hand-crafted, hand-painted by artists. In Chinese customs, brides use red umbrellas like these to cover their faces for protection against evil spirits. Elders adore purple umbrellas since the color symbolizes long life, while white umbrellas are used during funerals. Today, these umbrellas can be used in the rain and sun. It doesn’t hurt that they fit perfectly into a large suitcase!

Wuzhen, China umbrella
PHOTO Wendy Hung

5. Wrap yourself in handmade silk blankets.

When you pass by a boutique with women hand-making silk blankets, with bags and bags of silk hung from the ceiling…stop and observe. These blankets may look ordinary, but they’re cool during summertime and incredibly hot during winter nights. Light as feather, here’s another authentic souvenir to remember this awesome city by.

Wuzhen, China silk blanket
PHOTO Wendy Hung

Wendy Hung


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