The Art Of Religion: Beauty & Impact, Seen & Experienced

The true beauty of religion goes past carvings of Notre Dame and past gold painted Buddha sculptures.

Asian religion
PHOTO Rachel Chenoweth

Religion. While the details of this subject may seem controversial, throughout my travels, I have found that it is rather simple. Even when beliefs differ, religion remains one of the few things that is not only respected by humanity, but one that ties humanity together.

As I admired different temples of worship in Asia, it became apparent that there was no need for signs with written rules and translations. People who came innately, embodied an inspiring sense of respect for where they were. In contrast to other places in China that I have seen, there was neither trash nor loud shouting here. No one dared to tarnish the space. Offerings of money, food, and adornments sat freely on marble counters. Yet no one took it. Nobody even touched it. The beauty of the Chinese crafted temples is immense. Ceilings, floors, even the walls, are equipped with so much detail.

Asian religion
PHOTO Rachel Chenoweth

But what gave me goose bumps was the connection I felt with others who were present. We were stoic and silent, basking in the greatness of not only the culture, but also where we were. This common respect and feeling made me so proud to be in today’s world. It showed me a side to this world that is often forgotten, amidst politics and war; people are the same. Regardless of the country, we all hold personal values and respect personal values of others. We understand what religion means to others and in general, we all behave accordingly.

The true beauty of religion goes past carvings of Notre Dame and past gold painted Buddha sculptures. The significance and sacredness of religion is universally understood. While my beliefs might not be the same as those in the countries I visit, the common thread of also knowing how it feels to have a belief in something so strong and powerful makes me feel closer to these foreign citizens than ever.  And this connection with them is where true beauty lies.

Article written by Rachel Chenoweth.

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