Top 5 Hong Kong Shopping Districts (That Aren’t Just Malls)

Go wild, there’s no sales tax!

Cat Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Cat Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Photo: Wendy Hung

A former colony made for commerce and trade, Hong Kong was constructed like an overloaded money machine of the East. Hence, it’s not a surprise there’s an infinite amount of shopping options. From markets to malls, many travelers arrive in Hong Kong for the sole purpose of shopping. Here are top 5 Hong Kong shopping districts that are more unique than a modern structure with a bunch of stores inside.

1. Sheung Wan 上環

Spices and herbs shop in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Spices and herbs shop in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Photo: Wendy Hung

On Cat Street, you can find antiques, local spices, herbal oils, and anything that oozes hipster cool. Also known as Upper Lascar Row, Cat Street has 100+ years of history as a hub of knick-knacks, authentic local pieces, and crafted replicas for home decor. On Tung Street, there’s a combination of designer shops and thrift stores to make any millennial go wild.

2. Central 中環

Central, Hong Kong
Central, Hong Kong. Photo: Wendy Hung

The SoHo of Hong Kong has countless commercial brands and mass market stores that one could only find in the UK. Think: Marks & Spencer, Topshop…etc. There are also local boutiques on Hollywood Road that feature imported accessories from Korea. Central is always bustling, and it has tons of bars and restaurants to rest your feet if shopping ever gets tiring!

3. The Landmark 置地廣塲

Facebook LANDMARK置地廣塲
Facebook: LANDMARK置地廣塲

The Landmark is perfect for high-end shopping. You’ll find Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, and every luxury brand there is on the planet. This office development is also in Central, and has Joël Robuchon’s Salon de Thé on the third floor if you want to catch a break. Note: on Sundays, there will be lots of foreign help on their weekend breaks chilling outside of The Landmark structure. Inside The Landmark, bathroom lines will be filled with folks.

4. Harbour City 海港城

Facebook Harbour City
Facebook: Harbour City

Situated on Victoria Harbour, Harbour City is another massive mall that made our list because it also has tons of top-notch restaurants that make one shopping day in Hong Kong easy and tasty. The location right by the Harbour with the iconic Hong Kong view also makes shopping at Harbour City an unforgettable experience. Exiting Tsim Sha Tsui Station, the complex has Marco Polo Hotels, Ocean Terminal, Ocean Centre, the Getaway…and more. It’s massive, so plan for a few hours to browse through hundreds of name brands at luxury stores inside.

5. PMQ 元創方

Cafe inside PMQ, Hong Kong
Cafe inside PMQ, Hong Kong. Photo: Wendy Hung

PMQ = Police Married Quarters, was originally the site of Queen’s College in 1889, turned into a police station after the war and then transformed into a cultural art center. The venue now hosts a series of studios, boutiques, exhibitions, and offices for creatives and artists. PMQ promotes local crafts, and provides a space for travelers to enjoy Hong Kongers’ creative space. This might be one of the coolest places to shop in HK!

Wendy Hung


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